@kev I've seen Zoho before, but kind of dismissed it based on the logo looking like it's for a daycare. I'll have to look into it!

@cstanhope I take it this book would have been out by now if you wouldn't have accidentally deleted the manuscript?

@Inquiries @protonmail @Tutanota

Not having imap/dav is a big thing to give up for the default E2EE that is provided, especially since I still need to securely transfer a password to other users somehow.

This is NOT a diss to tutanota/protonmail. What they are trying to do is extremely difficult/impossible, and I don't have a better way.

@Inquiries @protonmail @Tutanota None that I know of.

My issue isn't that they are trying to solve default encryption. In fact, that's why I originally started using the service.

My issue is that everything is stored only on their servers rather than syncing with my devices and can only be accessed through their apps/interfaces.

@cavaliertusky I'd rather use an email service that just worked on keeping my data secure, private and available via open standards, while leaving all of the feature development to the many email clients that already know how to use them.

@cavaliertusky The same things as tutanota:

- E2EE only with other tutanota users (or you have to use a password for other users)
- Doesn't use "open" standards like imap, caldav and carddav

(I realize that the "Bridge" exists for protonmail, but from what I understand, it's not reliable)

I don't necessarily think that they are bad, but the strategy they are using includes too much "re-invention of the wheel" They have to implement every client feature for email, contacts and calendar.

Looking to replace Tutanota for something that supports imap, cardDav and calDav. I feel like I've seen people talk about fastmail. Any fastmail users want to share their experience? Any other email provider suggestions?

Alternatives cannot be:
Gmail/MS/Yahoo... etc

@jiminycricket I see. I guess I'm fine with signing up then. I was under the impression that it was just all public.

@jiminycricket Interesting. I didn't realize that you could set them to private. Can you do that for both incoming and outgoing, out do you only set your payments privacy?

Venmo is so confusing to me. Why is an app that posts every transaction you make publicly so popular? You'd think people would realize this is a bad idea...

Climate change and fundimentalist Christianity 

Climate change and fundimentalist Christianity 

Yeah, people without avatars tend to get lumped into one big group person in my brain.

For those without avatars: Adding an avatar to your profile makes you more memorable and folk are less likely to assume ill-intent when asking for guidance or advice.

This is the experience I've had personally when I didn't have an avatar and this is the experience that's been echoed by a few others that I know.

Also, it adds some personality to your profile! Show us who you are and be proud :)

Only if it's a serverless microservice architecture harnessing artificial intelligence to optimize the mobile first experience of the app πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

What are people's thoughts on Docker for development of web applications?

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