for today: working on the family cookbook. Major refactoring happening.


Fedora 30 released today. Literally the only complaint is the default wallpaper lol. GNOME 3.32 is really nice, and looks great out of the box.

@fdroidorg Do you know what Termux (failsafe) is? Is failsafe an FDroid thing, or does Termux have two apps out there?

Today's goes out to @boblmartens and @brejoc. Tumbleweed was pretty simple to setup with just a few minor issues. Now to see just how stable it is for me.

I think tumbleweed is probably the best name there will ever be for a rolling release distro!


Anyone know if this is just for the preview, or if Microsoft is literally dropping support for non-chrome browsers?

One year ago, I installed GNU/Linux for the first time on my machine as the only OS. I had dual booted and run vms for a while, but had never committed fully because of needing to use Windows for school or other things. A year later, I can't even imagine going back.

This week, December 1-7, is Crohn's and Colitis Awareness week. Last year I wrote up my story of diagnosis with Crohn's Disease to help people identify the symptoms of Crohn's, because it's often not the first thing that people think of.

I would encourage you to read my story so you can be aware of what it looks like, in case you or someone you know is ever having these symptoms and doesn't know what is happening.

Finally got around to installing xubuntu on my wifes old macbook pro which had become so slow that she just never used it anymore.

After playing around with Manjaro for a bit, I found that I liked it, but prefer the vanilla gnome experience. Installed fedora 29, since it has basically exactly what I'm looking for in that regard.

Probably going to hold off for at least a while before continuing a path down Arch based distros, since trying to figure it out has been preventing me from making any progress on my coding projects.


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