Really liking Firefox Preview. Not feature complete obviously, but what's there is well done.

@blaubachn I've only loaded one link inside, so my testing has to really begin. But which feature were you missing before you'd call it complete? 🙂

Adding a shortcut/PWA to home screen
Password Management
Not lacking much, just not quite what the old one has yet

@RyuKurisu I'm actually fine without these features. The statement was mostly to limit any replies like "what do you mean it's nice? You can't even _____"

@blaubachn only addon I really use is uBlock Origen, which I could replace with Blokada VPN, I don't add pages/PWAs to my home screens and security experts usually actually recommend *against* using the built in browser password manager anyway. So Preview seems perfect for my already 😎

@blaubachn I actually do miss something. Loading apps in the background 😔

@RyuKurisu Yeah, the only thing I really use of those features is adding Mastodon to the home screen. I have started to like the web UI on mobile better than the mobile apps for Android.

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