Fedora 30 released today. Literally the only complaint is the default wallpaper lol. GNOME 3.32 is really nice, and looks great out of the box.

@jlelse Yep! Gnome is my de of choice, and Fedora gives the most vanilla experience, which seems to result in a lot less weird bugs. I also like my up to date packages.

@blaubachn Gnome is my DE of choice too. How is your experience with packages not in the standard repositories or RPM fusion. Is it usually easy to add them, like it is with PPAs on Debian / Ubuntu?

@jlelse Haven't done much outside of it tbh. I don't find myself tied to much software, so I tend to use whatever is best supported by a distro. Pretty much all I want in a distro is Firefox, LibreOffice, Nextcloud and a text editor that has a file system tree sidebar for coding. I do use other software, but those four are really my only needs.

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