Anyone here use :opensuse: and have opinions on tumbleweed vs leap? @brejoc @boblmartens

@blaubachn This depends on if you need your system to be rock solid or if minor breakage is okay and you can deal with it. But since we've got OBS, you can also install Leap and roll the software that you'd like to have up to date.


@brejoc Do you personally run Tumbleweed or Leap? How would you compare Tumbleweed breakages with other distros you have used?

@blaubachn Currently I run Tumbleweed on my laptop, but I have various installations of openSUSE here. With TW it might happen that some software might not work correctly for a few days. Like the Gnome update that got shipped that was borked. But that happens not very often, because the QA process is pretty good. But I will switch back to Leap, because I have problems with the hybrid graphics card, that I didn't have with Leap. With an IBM laptop of mine I had no issues at all.

@blaubachn @brejoc I should also state that SUSE Linux Enterprise is our default install here on campus for servers, so Leap makes sense from a development perspective. That's why he sticks with it. Has been quite happy with it (for him).

@blaubachn @brejoc I run Tumbleweed on my network maintenance laptop and Leap on a number of servers. A colleague of mine is running Leap and will jump to Leap 15.1 on his new machine when the release happens.

@boblmartens @brejoc Cool. Given what you both are saying it sounds like tumbleweed is at least stable enough to consider as a daily driver. I'll try it out and probably try out Leap next if I feel like it's too much work. Thanks!

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