Installed Ubuntu 18.10 on my desktop. I think this new theme is going to be great for snaps in the long run. Most of them integrated really well with ambiance, but they look embarrassingly awful with this new theme. Maybe snaps will actually focus on integrating the UI instead of only looking good with ambiance.

Seeing a lot of people on the interwebs post pictures of their elementary installs, and it's making me think about wallpapers. I wouldn't be surprised if the default wallpaper had a somewhat large impact on how much people like a distro. Would debian be more popular if it didn't have a somewhat old looking default wallpaper?

r/elementaryos is picking up with people who are having issues with Juno installs. I don't use elementary, but if you do and are on Reddit I would recommend trying to help people out with your distro!

So, in re-configuring my apartment, I will need a wireless adapter for my desktop, since I won't be able to run a wire to it. From what I understand, Atheros chipsets have open source drivers. Anyone have one that they would recommend?

If you use codepen, there is an open source alternative out there:

Unfortunately if you want to create an account, your choices are github, google or facebook, but you can save your data locally without an account.

Thoughts about switching from Gmail to Tutanota/ProtonMail/whatever:

Most email is still going to be read regardless, unless I make people unlock every message with a password/key, right?

For reference, I'm not doubtful that I'll make the switch. I realize that the only way that the above will change is if little by little people make these changes. Just things I am thinking about.

@kev aside from our choice in distros, this could've been written by me. "Practicality beats purity" is kind of my motto when it comes to these things.

I prefer FOSS whenever it's possible, and I'm even willing to accept a worse product (within reason) if it's FOSS instead of proprietary, but I won't blindly pick FOSS just for the sake of it being FOSS.

Linux is also nice for straying off the beaten path with software choices.

I thought I'd talk some about why I use . Feel free to tell my why you do too!

Remembering Dennis Ritchie today, one of the people who made it possible for you to have the computer you're reading this post on. Popular mythologies have given us Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, and many others. We'd have never heard of any of them without the inventions of Dennis Ritchie.

Got to work to see an email explaining that the holding company that my company is a part of, Esterline, is being sold to TransDigm.;PressCe

So now both my company and the customer that I support are both in the process of being acquired by another company. Not sure if I should be worried about this.

It's Ada Lovelace Day!

Fun fact for those of you that don't know:
There is a programming language named after her. It's used mostly in life critical systems, because it is one of the safest languages to write code in. It's actually the language that I use at work.

Ada Lovelace:

Ada the programming language:

Good day today. Got the first version of family's cookbook web app published. Even better: I got to announce to my family that my wife and I are expecting our second child!

"Multiple Windows users are reporting the latest update is deleting documents. Consider backing up your data right now."


The terrible thing about using gnu/linux is that there are so many good distros, and you end up wanting to use all of them.


Really happy we replaced all of the windows in our house this past year.

My team's daily stand-ups include a few people on the phone. To help them out with who is talking our format is: "This is Nathan, I have X roadblocks"

Today our phone line was down, so the people on the phone weren't in the meeting. Everyone still started with their name 😂

Hilarious. After effectively abandoning Linux desktop OSes by never updating the client, withholding massive new features, & dropping support for tons of formats, Dropbox is naming something “Nautilus,” the name of one of the most used Linux file managers.

There's an Open Railway Map of the world and the level of detail is incredible:

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