So far this is working nicely.

Find docs where any has a home number set.

db.Collection("contacts").Query(ctx, "$.PhoneNumbers[%].Type", OpEqual, "home")

Find docs with numbers starting with 978.

db.Collection("contacts").Query(ctx, "$.PhoneNumbers[%].Digits", OpLike, "978%")

I have a nice little embedded document db abstraction with JSON querying support sitting on top of SQLite for use in I might snap this off into its own package after I use it more.

Don't you hate when you're noodling around features for one useful pet project and then you come up with another useful project to support the first one?

Prioritize checking pull requests you're asked to review over checking your email/Slack. Shorter review cycles end up in the customer's hands sooner. Checking you're email is a distraction and is just noise. Don't block your fellow developer by putting off their pull requests.

I completely forgot I had a blog post partly written for dropping items off the front of a full channel when writing to it is blocked to prioritize writing newest items into it.

SQLite is going to make a nice storage engine for with its support for JSON and Full Text Search.

You know you've found a C++ dev writing Go when you see an interface definition and only 1 implementation of that interface directly below it. ;-)

Anyone else hitting complete and total burnout with tech in general?

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