Just installed Ubuntu MATE on a second computer. I wish regular Ubuntu had this much polish. Just the welcome screen on it's own gives you a selection of curated software, the ability to change the layout to match different OSs and easy access to help.

@bkhan my experience with MATE last year was that it looked amazing initially, but the moment i dug in and started using the os to get any real work done the MATE desktop failed to hold up and remain bug free.

Nowadays im on KDE, but that might change any minute.

I started using Linux with GNOME 2, so I might already be used to some of it's quirks. About a year ago MATE's file manager would crash on me a lot, but that seems to have stopped with Ubuntu 20.04.
I love KDE, but every time I use it I get so engrossed in customising it that I don't get anything done.

Tried 20.04 regular for first time in a while and they have upped their game too I think

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