Accidentally got my JSDoc syntax wrong. Turns out it's not 'param {variablename}', but 'param {type} variablename'. Luckily Vim has a really simply way to fix it.

Step 1: Open the file
Step 2: :g/@param/s/{\([^}]+\)}/\1/

Can't stop thinking about that video of Steve Ballmer on stage, sweating buckets, screaming the words developers over and over.

Me: "g"
Whatever snippet tool is in my neovim setup: "Did you mean GPL? Do you want the entirety of the GPL3? I'll paste the entirety of the GPL3 in the middle of your documentation. You're welcome"
Need to fix this.

Just realized Gitlab has an equivalent to Github Pages. It's more fiddly but works really well.

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Remember when I said I was making web pages exclusively using JavaScript? I've turned my abomination into a library with examples:

Just remembered how people take pride in avoiding JavaScript and thought, "Can you make a full web page using only JavaScript?". The answer is yes, and the scariest part is that it's fun.

I feel like I'm falling to the dark side.

Just found my old phone, a Blackberry Passport. Still upset that no other phone company has made anything in that form factor.

I don't know why but there's something about Adwaita that makes me want to physically touch the titlebars. They look like they would feel nice.

Thought I'd go for a change of pace on my work PC. Switched to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed + GNOME + Firefox, and it's pretty comfy so far.

day 5 of . They're getting harder but vectors aren't too bad to work with.

I should really start uploading my solutions somewhere.

day 4. Didn't read the part that says "Diagonals don't count" and spent too much time debugging the wrong thing.

Mechanical keyboard heresy 

Would really like to be able to get 12g choc springs in the UK but nobody sells them. I've had to resort to evil experiments.

MX spring + choc housing works but you need to cut the spring down to size. There is no reason to do this.

Choc spring + MX housing is a lot better. If choc springs weren't so rare it would be a good source of light springs.

Almost forgot to do . Oops.

Doing them in JavaScript. First two were easy but that third day gets weird when your language doesn't support binary numbers. Will upload my horrible solutions eventually

Just remembered Antergos Linux being a good distro, but apparently it's dead. I should spin up a VM with Endeavour and see how it compares

First attempt at playing with Canvas. Made a turtle. It's primitive but I like how it turned out.

Finally got around to trying some Vim plugins. Really should have done this earlier. fzf.vim and coc.vim make coding so much easier

I hate when I work with other peoples' Android phones and ads start popping up, and they're like "Oh it just does that". Feels like an old family Windows XP computer.

I blame phone manufacturers and their 2 years of updates. There are so many perfectly good phones out there, but they're destined to be insecure garbage because manufacturers want you to waste money on a slightly improved phone every year.

Starting to really like Fedora Silverblue. It's like a mature version of Puppy Linux's immutable squashfs files.

Someone I know currently studies at university, and their mentor required the entire class to edit a PDF form.
What's worse is that one student decided to screenshot each page, fill in the form in Paint, stick them back together in MS Word and export to PDF.

None of this would have happened if the uni released the form in an edit-friendly format.

Bought a RasPi Pico and Pimoroni's RGB array thing. I didn't expect these lights to be so ridiculously bright.
I'm thinking of making it display random computer stats or something

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