Got fed up with the amount of misleading, outdated documentation on web development. I got myself a jotter and I'm making my own reference. It's like being back at school but the subject is "Does this still work in Angular 10?"

I was looking through an old hard drive and found my very first attempt at HTML.

The trick is to use tables to align your data. Do it enough and another web dev will take over and do it properly out of sheer frustration.

Jokes aside flexbox makes HTML fun.

New blog entry, based on a small program I wrote to make a wallpaper.

Yes I am that lazy.

And this was supposed to be a response to someone. Oops.
Either way Xperia Play good

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The Sony Xperia Play used to be great for that, back when Android Gingerbread was a thing.
If you decide to play Sonic 3, there's a romhack called Sonic 3 Complete that polishes the game up a lot.

I think OpenSUSE has managed to kill my distrohopping habit. Now to deal with DE-hopping before I break KDE again

Me before Linux: My laptop sometimes decides it doesn't feel like connecting by wifi but that's OK.
Me after Linux: This app doesn't use the icon from the theme I'm using. Time to distrohop.

I haven't blogged in a while. Let's fix that.

When working in Racket I find myself reaching for associative lists. I know they're technically less effective than hash tables, but they're just so much fun. Alists combine key-value pairs with the ability to easily use them recursively. Whether the resulting code is elegant or horrible is left to the reader.

Just encountered the most annoying bug I've ever faced. My keyboard won't type `.
I've spent 3 hours poring over QMK docs, trying different layouts and binding to different keys. I don't even use `, but the principle of having a keyboard that can't type the backquote char annoys me.
Strangely enough mashing any key bound to kc_grave makes it output a tab, so I'm guessing this is some freak edge case.

Just discovered the Iosevka font. It's narrow to allow for more text on a screen. As a person stuck on a 1366x768 Thinkpad it's a lifesaver.

Finally built my new Plaid keyboard. Only burned myself with the soldering iron once.
It's using kailh pro burgundy switches. Only needed to change one thing in my Planck config and it runs on the Plaid perfectly

People tell me I waste money on tiny keyboard kits. Joke's on them, they're technically soldering kits that happen to look like keyboards when I'm done, so they don't count.
On an unrelated note just ordered a Plaid.

Just installed Ubuntu MATE on a second computer. I wish regular Ubuntu had this much polish. Just the welcome screen on it's own gives you a selection of curated software, the ability to change the layout to match different OSs and easy access to help.

Got a new job. The times are long, but surely I can keep up with my daily blogging-
>last post 3 days ago
- oh.

Slightly late blog post for where I wrap all the org-mode articles up with a practical example. I'm all org-ed out.

Got caught up in something that took all night, so here's my slightly late post for where I introduce org-mode tables.
It's a bit short, but that's because introducing coordinates and formulas would make the article harder to take in.

Day 7 of and it's about making checklists in Org-mode. Incredibly useful for keeping track of projects.
I also mention links, because being able to embed Elisp code to run with the click of a mouse is convenient.

Another day, another article for . For the next few days I'll write about one of my favourite tools, Emacs Org-mode.

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