Yes, I think most likely I'll end up spending my micro- and macro-writing time over here: -- you can follow me via this ActivityPub username:

Related to my last toot, do folks ever maintain multiple mastodon accounts to assuage this? Any success stories?

@mike thanks! I’ll play along for a bit, but if I’m feeling out of place it looks like Mastodon makes it somewhat straightforward to move along.

I’ve realized I’m in a FOSS space, but I probably won’t talk that much about FOSS. Did I Mastodon wrong?

@kentoseth cliche is fine, go for it! I’m certain that writing poetry hits on some different synapses than blog/prose writing would. A worthwhile experiment, I think!

I'm starting my blogging challenge as of Dec 20th. Though maybe I'll backtrack to Jan 3? Anyway, my first mastodon post is:


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