@bjhess I love this, especially as someone who's begun writing poetry recently. I'll definitely try this out!

I also subscribed to your RSS. :)

@bjhess Can we take it a step further and write our own poetry?

That said, I like your idea and I am going to experiment with it.

Hopefully I don't turn to cliches and look for Jalalludin Rumi(ra)'s poetry as the first outlet!

@kentoseth cliche is fine, go for it! I’m certain that writing poetry hits on some different synapses than blog/prose writing would. A worthwhile experiment, I think!

@bjhess Reading poetry to let go the internal monologue (incessant thinking) is a great idea.

I read poetry myself verbally for another purpose and now, I began to love poetry. Even I began to admire some poems, such as Rudyard Kippling's If, Palace, Pagett MP and The Roman Centurion's Song.

And yes, for improving my Vagus Nerve, I practice "breathing out longer than breathing in" for at least 30 minutes into 1 hour daily.

It makes me much more mindful in my daily life.

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