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@Toxa: haven't heard from you in a few days - hope you're ok.

The snow has melted off and uncovered the blooming snowdrops (flowers) : -)
First sign of spring.

I'm trying to remember two command-line utilities for generating packets - they had three-letter names and were kinda similar - pak and pox or something - I think one was for any arbitrary ethernet frame and one was for ip packets ... or something. I just can't find them any more. Does anyone else remember these?

I went back to the office this week - after two days I have a laptop-plus-docking-station that works and the coop student is warmed up for the rest of the office workers to return.
It's a windows box - sadly - the student helped me through the windows-y things and I helped him with a network-y thing.

Canada's telecom companies are waiving long-distance and text charges from Canada to the Ukraine. Some are waiving roaming charges for clients in the Ukraine.

Those blueberries from Peru are the best.

@LibreSolutionsNetwork @PublicNuisance
ira bernstein - his web site doesn't have a search result for "covid".
Dr. Paul E. Alexander, "former" WHO-PAHO and US HHS consultant/senior Covid Pandemic advisor. Was hired by Trump because he would spout Trump's rhetoric. He has a wikipedia page.
I'm not going to go through the whole list. BTW, the petition claims there are thousands, but only shows 67 of them.

I went out for a short walk this evening. -20 C. Love that sqrunch, sqrunch, sqrunch sound of footsteps on very cold snow.

Trying to motivate myself to go out for a walk (-7 C). It's not working : -)

The steamed Christmas pudding is steaming away.
I should have done it last month, but better now than not at all.

My other requirements (besides dual sim (for home number and vacation number when travelling - this is the first requirement that can be jettisoned if need be)) - removeable battery - non-GMS - is that it works with my mobile phone provider's networks. And costs me under $800.00-$900.00 Cdn (that's as much as I'm willing to lose in one shot - for a phone I like. If it's a phone I don't like - then I will look to minimize cost over all other requirements).

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All right - ... Looking at Copperhead OS (GMS free) and pinephonepro I guess I can tolerate the flaky phone till a real phone arrives.
My main issue now is, how do I buy one of these without using my credit card ? : -) All those hurdles

Any advice/comments welcome. I'm perfectly OK with having a GMS-free phone - I don't connect my current phone to those services now so I won't feel deprived with a phone that cannot connect. comforted, rather.

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I just checked the mobile phone provider's device offerings ... now I remember why I dread shopping for phones : -(

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I have to go replace my phone ... why am I kind of dreading it ? Well here goes. Hopefully when I get home I'll have a working, reliable phone.

Ok, now this rust thing is annoying me.

apt search rust | grep '^[^ ]' | grep ^librust | wc
1817 5451 108752


Upgrading my machine - then dist-upgrade - konsole got removed. Was able to run a shell in emacs to apt install konsole : -)
(that was after re-install xserver-xorg, and xfce4, and lightdm, so I could have a graphical interface again : -o )

@kev, I made a first attempt at making my blog responsive.
Unfortunately I used someone else's blog as a basis lo these many years ago, and the styling's a bit complicated, I can barely understand how it works. Please let me know if it's responsive "enough" and if not, what needs fixing. Also if I picked the right "break point" to go from "wide" format to "narrow" format. Thanks!

YIL about python having "type hints"

def myfunc_that_takes_float_and_returns_bytes (stuff:float) -> bytes:

I don't get to play with python enough any more.

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