booted up laptop. touchpad doesn't work and no mouse handy. Trying to figure out how to navigate the fosstodon web page without a mouse.
So far, I can write a new message and look at toots, but haven't figured out yet how to get to the right side of the interface where the Home, Notifications, Local, Bookmarks links are.
What I really want is for the touchpad to work.

Well I just checked - it's not the lowest in the province - maybe it's the lowest in my region. Still not great.

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Apparently it's the lowest in the province. Sigh. The average was about 43%, which itself is a record low.
Sad times.

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Hmm, I wonder where my voter registration card is? ... bleah.

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Well, I'm off to the polling station.

Finally got power back on Friday, after 6 days of no power. A bad storm blew through my city a week ago Saturday and the electric company still has 11,000 customers without power. At least I didn't have any trees through the roof or anything.

My co-worker's band is playing at the Carleton Tavern tomorrow night:
I'm going and hopefully I can have supper there (hopefully the kitchen will still be open at 20:00). I'm not much of a drinker but at least I can have supper.

For identification of the Spring Azure - I'm going by the season - it's spring now so I figure it must be a Spring butterfly : -)

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Haven't heard from @Toxa in a while - hope he's ok

Am I the only person who thinks that electric cars might not be the best use of centrally generated electricity, if the batteries lose 40-60% of their power just by being outdoors in the cold weather?
Maybe we should work harder on other alternatives to oil and gas?

Ok so you're objecting to the "dm people their IP address" behaviour rather than the kpop preference. That's fair.

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