How do your habits stack up next to the global trends? Check out the results from the 2022 World Password Day survey!

@bitwarden I am bowled over by some of the data here. Slide 5 suggests no retirees, this is surely a crucial demographic to help secure their data. 43% fitness equipment, 25% luxury watch, 47% smart speaker. How well were those in low-income households represented in the survey? 46% of people familiar with 2FA, this is certainly at odds with the people I work with, doing residential tech support. 68% of people prioritising secure passwords? Jeepers it's more like 6.8% in my experience.

@proactiveservices Hey Adam, thanks for the feedback! The survey was conducted with an independent research firm who surveyed internet users in select countries around the world.

@bitwarden On I guess we, who work in tech, should really be looking to reach the people who weren't included in the survey: those who've never heard of 2FA or password managers, who have no idea they can be notified if they're breached, those left out of glossy presentations. The folk who may themselves admit they're perhaps easier to scam than their grandchildren, who have more to lose and are less aware of it.

@proactiveservices @bitwarden I'm going to recommend Bitwarden to my family. They are slow to adopt technology,but surely some of them must realise that manual password management is just too hard....

Yours, a retired Bitwarden user (previously 1Password/Dropbox).

@underlap @proactiveservices Thanks for getting the family involved, great security is a team effort 💪🏻

@bitwarden @underlap @proactiveservices I already recommend Bitwarden (and keepassXC) to anyone who asks. Unfortunately, almost no one does :-/

@bitwarden @underlap @proactiveservices Well, I recently decided to self-host Vaultwarden for fun. Now that I have some firsthand experience, maybe I can get my family to try Bitwarden. But we'll see :)

@jfmblinux @bitwarden that's just a fork of the server rebuilt in rust. Easier to self-host too in my experience

@joel @jfmblinux +1 here for Vaultwarden
sorry @bitwarden , but it is pretty awesome. I still use the bitwarden apps though of course
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