Installation and overview of Q4os a based distribution.

Take a look before downloading.

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OSGeo Live linux 12.0 is released. This is a Lubuntu based distribution that comes with a vast amount of pre installed software.

See the installation and overview video here.

Do you know about ? If yes do you have a channel in bittube?
Let me know.

It is an alternative to YouTube which is crypto decentralized. I post and videos in my channel.

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Watch my latest video on Nitrux Linux installation and overview, a simple video guide here,

Hi there. This is bitbase, a , , and information portal. Many of the contents will be or videos, or blog posts.

Since I support open source in every possible way, I joined moving from twitter. Because clearly it is better in privacy, security and in technology. Mainly it doesn't not make profit with any personal info provided like facebook and twitter.

Thanks for having me here.


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