@rudolf why this analogy, are you a sharpening geek?

@verbumfeit can't beat the looking in the mirror and thinking "guy, I don't know you, but I'll shave you"

@ascott it's because during hackatons there are no managers involved

@RTP so prince Andrew fucked minors IRL and now they want total online surveillance for the sake of protecting the children. lovely, typically British

@brokenintuition owning a Casio isn't required here lol. Even the introduction is optional

@ttiurani I've randomly read that France got a law about banning local flights that could be replaced by train and take less than 2.5hrs. Yet there's an exception for private jets. Do you happen to know if the last part is true or fake? Because if it's true, the only remaining option is to just burn all those private jets. With their owners locked inside.

@tulpa things that are easy to do shouldn't be delegated, your boss might not be honest :D

@TheFerridge when a 300+ million country ends with Trump vs Biden running for POTUS, the elections have been already rigged

@twann cop as in literally just police or in a broader sense? (think Snowden, at least I think he was a "digital cop")


@fullstackthaumaturge I'd just say my authentic self just wants a bigger paycheck. You already just said the same, in a previous toot. If you could say it on Mastodon, the workplace isn't that different

@splatt9990 @joel @ascott why physically get up when you have other multiple options? like throwing a slipper at it


@fullstackthaumaturge just let such people talk and keep nodding while minding your own business

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