Are nested try/except blocks in Python a code smell?

Password protected sudo is inconvenient when it has to be done often. Passwordless sudo is a security risk. What other options are there?

Youtube just randomly suggested a livestream with Mike Tyson preaching crypto. Senility in a nutshell.

Is there a syndrome name for when you are tempted to refactor your own old codebases rather than start some new coding pet project?

TFW people are tooting about some Fosstodon outage, while I had no idea, since I took a nap like a boss during it 😂

consumerist rant 

Bottles with my favorite drink gently went from 1L to 0.97L, then 0.95L and now 0.93L only, and this is just during the past 3 years. I hope there's a special place in hell for those "marketing" scammers.

I broke the promise to myself about never touching nftables again.


TFW people who master a certain skill and become literally best in the world, then explicitly beg for likes in their Youtube videos. My brain is bleeding from such cringe.

`python3 -m http.server` is a well known hack for serving a directory over HTTP with zero effort.

Is there something similar for serving a git repository, with results similar to cgit? I also want to be able to do git clone and git pull from that HTTP URL of the git repo

If tomorrow dwm and i3 magically disappear, I'm 80% confident my transition to qtile will be painless. Free software diversity is good.

In many years of online presence I've never got so many bans online as I got this week 😂 And it's not even mainstream communities like Facebook or Twitter (which I never joined). Are people being such feeble snowflakes and behaving so inadequately and vindictively because of the heat wave? If this is true, I don't even want to imagine a situation like a cold winter with no heating or food/water shortages. People will probably instantly turn into cannibals then.

This is very weird and probably mean as well, but I would've never thought I'd be grateful to an IT dude... for him being ugly. Context: I was suggested to watch a technical talk from a conference, but I couldn't stand staring at the ugliness of the speaker for one whole hour, for the life of me. That's how I learned that I can download just the subtitles for an youtube video with youtube-dl. Don't ask for details, me pointing fingers would be mean for real and just plain ad hominem 😂

software rant 

Lazy people shortening "raspberry" as "rasp" make it less appealing to pick "rasp" as program name for SEO reasons 😠

Date and time in my casually started VM is totally out of touch with reality. Default Debian install doesn't come with time syncing enabled by default or what?

Debian doesn't have Iosevka font in repositories :blobcatfacepalm:

This is clearly a worldwide Debian conspiracy against me

I am happy to be called dumb as long as I can keep nftables in my personal "I'm never touching this shit again, ever" short list of software that I hate. Linux just needs to port pf or ipfw if iptables is considered outdated.

Noob question: how do you protect solar battery farms from hail bombings during ice storms? With global warming getting worse, ice storms happen more often and are stronger.

I am raging hard because my "nft" nftables web search results are polluted with irrelevant "NFT" crypto bullshit.

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