> Seriously. The idea of a "blog" needs to get over itself. Everybody is treating writing as a "content marketing strategy" and using it to "build a personal brand" which leads to the fundamental flawed idea that everything you post has to be polished to perfection and ready to be consumed.
> [...]
> This idea is toxic and led me to publish less and less over time.

@binyamin I really agree with this. I use my blog to just get my thoughts out in a medium that isn't a form of social media. I blog when I blog about what I blog. I am not trying to build a personal brand or anything. I just go to my 9-5, get the work done and head home. I don't feel the need to attract thousands of people to my personal whiteboard that is my blog.

@binyamin sir this post you linked was inspiring.

I'll have to start posting longform things more often instead of being a perfectionist.

@binyamin Agree. I dislike that everything has to be about "personal brand" these days, getting subscribers, likes and making money.

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