@be @binyamin A list of data a program *doesn't* collect is just misleading. A list of things it *does* collect is what's important, and that's the concern.

WhatsApp also doesn't collect hair samples and retina scans. That doesn't make it private because that doesn't change what it *does* collect.

Also, data collection != storing logs. It can find out who you're in contact with and send the data "person 0xfacd3f just contacted person 0xd823be" to Facebook, Facebook can feed that data into its training models, and then discard it. The fact that they said WA doesn't "keep logs" instead of "share data" is basically a confession that it still collects the data and uses it to build a profile of you.

@be @binyamin As per my last status, it looks like I have to turn this into a blogpost. Should be ready by tomorrow.

@be @binyamin Scratch the "by tomorrow" part; this will be a long-ass post where WhatsApp is just an example of a larger problem. Hopefully ready within a week.

@Seirdy Youve probably already heard of it, but I think enforcing the possibility of adversarial interoperability would be a good remedy against the described problems eff.org/deeplinks/2019/10/adve

@binyamin That all sounds like a lot of alternative facts, but maybe I'm just paranoid.

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