Hi to all the nice people of fosstodon.

I've just recently joined and I would say this is so great to be the part of. Since this is my first post so here is my .

I am a Full Stack Software Developer and really excited about Free and Oper source projects. Although I've never contributed to any, I am actively looking for one.

I am sure that there are yet to know a lot of FOSS and we all will know together.

Thank You, everybody.

@bikdashing Welcome to FOSStodon, feel free to include some of the languages/software you know in your bio and set a profile picture :)

@brandon thank you for suggesting, well I was going to do that anyway ! ;-)

@bikdashing welcome!

whoa emacs *and* vim?? i’m thoroughly impressed

@Spaceface16518 yeah, I love them , like I can't live without them. 😅

@bikdashing Welcome! Would you like to help with ? The tech stack is Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL and Tailwind CSS. I can help you get started.

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