@EclecticEclipse a good static site builder, , has made blogs easy for me. getpelican.com/

Supports input files, yay!

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When they don’t listen to calm rational reasonably enthusiastic me? Take it next level BITCHES! Cuz getting mine regardless.

Happy WONDERFUL Woman Wednesday Foss friends. Let’s get it.

@Twelve I usually go to the “Activities” view (press System key to toggle that view on / off), then you just type a name and it's filtering your launchy-things which includes applications.

@Gina yeah, and it might even be more pressure on already-pressured human rights orgs. Well, maybe some wealthy philanthropic orgs with good network connection?

That's not really answering the problem you raised though. Sorry :-/

@Gina we could encourage some of those organisations to host Tour exit nodes? That would be a step closer to “host it themselves”.

@DuckDuckGo now we need the technology that forces every website to just put the frickin' publication date *with year* on every article so we don't have to guess.

Political rant 

Political rant 

“Big Tech *does* take away our right to choose, but not through manipulation. Rather, Big Tech steals our right to choose by monopoly. That's why the EU's Copyright Directive -- which will clear the field of small enterprises that might challenge Big Tech's dominance -- is such a catastrophe. We need a vigorous, muscular form of antitrust that goes beyond merely fining firms and actually splits them up.”


@xinayder There should be a way to disassemble the shell; that will let you get at the moving parts more easily. Clean grime from those.

You may need a small cheap teeny-screwdrivers set.

@ndegruchy The only relevant perspective for whether genes “made a mistake” is the gene's perspective; and their only interest is to survive and propagate copies of themselves.

By that measure, the innovative of sexual reproduction is a huge *success*: much greater species diversity and genetic variability, leading to much better survival and passing on of genes.

How's that for consolation?

In this instance Adobe is complying with an order from their nation's government. Don't present that as an excuse; why place any corporation in a position to revoke your access unilaterally, for whatever reason?

Only and has any ability to provide everyone with the .

Yet another good reason to avoid all , your computing is entirely at the whim of some unaccountable third party.

Because you don't control it or host it, the provider can simply turn it off one day and tell you that they:

> will no longer provide access to software and services, including free ones, or enable you to make any new purchases. We apologize for the inconvenience.

is not a solution to any problem we have.


@alexbuzzbee Same for minute and second: we still need them, at approximately those magnitudes, even when we're away from Earth. So I don't see the justification to try abolishing or changing the hour, minute, or second.

They are arbitrary duration, not tied to Earth necessarily, and very useful for humans anywhere. No need to change them merely because some humans live somewhere else.

@alexbuzzbee Yep. And the “give me a duration that is roughly this long” was motivated only by human needs, and remains for humans, whether they're on Earth or not. That's why I maintain that the hour remains useful and relevant even in places where there isn't an Earth day.

@alexbuzzbee I think you're ignoring the contradiction: You assert the hour is useless for humans away from Earth; yet you acknowledge the hour was so useful to humans that we invented it despite no particular natural period having that duration.

The contradiction is resolved, IMO, by recognising the hour duration was *first* a useful period for humans to talk about, and only *later* standardised to one-24th of a day.

Now established, it remains useful for humans even away from Earth.

@randynose Nice bands!

Congratulations to you both on making it work for the long haul.

@randynose As I understand it, the absence of a magnetic field today is due to Mars not having a fast rotating iron core today. Dunno how that helps us correct the absence ;-)

@alexbuzzbee Yes, and the same is true for 6 and 36 and 120 and 720 and many other numbers. Despite those other subdivisions being available, and despite no natural cycle imposing the period of one-24th-of-Earth-day, we did choose that specific subdivision and not others.

You're not any closer to saying why we won't want a period roughly what we already chose, when we are humans living away from Earth. And, if we continue to want such a period of roughly that duration, why change it?

@alexbuzzbee So, we should accept that the desire for a period of roughly that length is *innate*, not tied to Earth. And that implies there is no good reason to go to the effort of changing the hour period when humans live on many planets with different day periods.

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