@randynose what a cute colour for a vibrating mantelpiece ornament

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@ohyran lack of an exit strategy for the VC backers?

@Eloquent ”retoot” would be what we here call “boost”

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Hi, new here 🕺

So, this is a toot... When you reply, is it a retoot?

Tooting 🤔

@ndegruchy TBH my dream is a world where no-one ever needs to know UNC paths because they're obsolete

@codesections There may be good reasons to instruct a computer to lie. This is not a good reason, I agree.

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My experience so far with Mastodon, in one easy command line:

$ make friends

@poetgrant What's the experimental condition? What's the control condition? What's the variable being measured? What's the hypothesis?

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Okay, what about services specifically for organising a topic-based meetup group?

There is gettogether.community/ which is good at first look. Any better ones?

@jordan31 It was pretty funny, I was a full adult and the brother was a young teenager :-)

@jordan31 My first partner was not greatly surprised when, on the younger brother's birthday he receiving a pocket knife, I managed to slice my palm open within a minute.

Before he'd even touched it.

@erikstl Yes, running your own VPN service is good but it's a lot of hassle to take on at once. Better IMO to gain some experience paying for a subscription to a good, privacy-respecting, many-countries VPN provider.

Plenty of time later to learn how to run your own.

@rudolf @taikedz Absence of Google is good, but is quite compatible with a non-free phone. Don't just stop at removing a few apps; demand the open phone.

@taikedz Lovely! Will the video recording be posted?

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Where's my Open smartphone ? The state of open source and Freedom-friendly smartphones is next up at the User Group talks on Tue 2nd July 2019 opentechcalendar.co.uk/event/8

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