forget the monitors, can we appreciate the pencil holder @kev has on his desk at left

@kev I'm with others in that I'm baffled what aesthetic difference there is between the two. But I'm glad you have a setup that makes you happier!

@jordan31 Thanks. Given how common it is to see reports from others that “posted a photo meant only for my close family” became “my family don't understand internet and now creeps have my photos” — I guess, no in general I don't like posting pictures for people to see 😕

Curious about the options. If I have Mastodon, and never touched any photo sites, what does Pixelfed bring that I would care about?

for youtube-dl, the amazing download tool for walled-garden audio and video.

TIL you can be more specific than “best” or “prefer free formats”.

Instead of unqualified `best` (meaning best available video and audio format):

> […] (for example if you are not interested in getting videos with a resolution higher than 1080p), you can add `-f bestvideo[height<=?1080]+bestaudio/best` to your configuration file.

I like to discover new . I want to avoid (and help others to avoid) by creepy antisocial corporations.

Can the Fediverse help satisfy both those? If not, what am I looking for and does it exist?

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even if you'd be happiest making stuff in a cave and talking only to close friends, online society under platform capitalism expects you to build a brand, have an audience, have a community, be an ~entrepreneur~. it's all a trap, but it needs you to feel like it's the only way you can survive.

Welp, got the sack this morning.

Decided I need a lunch around the corner. Nice bespoke vegetarian burger.

While waiting, guy comes in asking for manager. He's got a great opportunity and wonders if they'd like to sign on for his new delivery service app launching here next month.

My job involved making software to actually help people, and it burns me up to see bullshit service apps competing for the talent and money with other bullshit service apps, and winning.

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@mike People responsible for promising completion dates are strongly biased to take your “I guess that would be possible, if properly resourced and no other commitments” as “Mike has promised this will be done by my due date, and I don't need to check again before promising the deadline to our customer”.

@Hawk1291 Ignore whether it is effective or pleasant experience, instead does it look good in a promotional video?

The same force is ruining things like restaurants (rip out all the furnishings and the ceiling! the horrible noisy result doesn't show up in the silent video) and offices (open it all up, no walls or separation, everyone in sight of everyone else, the utter devastation to our concentration is invisible in the brochure)

“Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but it had better not show me bugs that I made months ago”
— Edsger @wilkie Dijkstra

@dwc I made a home-brew conversion of a game (Burning Wheel) and needed a statistic for “luck” with both good and bad connotations, and with a cooler name. I went with Hap.

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I've been using open source since at least 1998. I say at least, because I might have used it before then, but I don't remember it.

I run BSDCan, PGCon, FreshPorts, The FreeBSD Diary, and a couple of blogs based on the previously mentioned items. I maintain some FreeBSD Ports and I present at conferences from time to time.

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