“We want to send a message to all software patent trolls out there — we will fight your suit, we will win, and we will have your patent invalidated.

“To do this, we need your help. Please help support the Foundation in sending a message that patent trolls should never target free software”


“Big Tech *does* take away our right to choose, but not through manipulation. Rather, Big Tech steals our right to choose by monopoly. That's why the EU's Copyright Directive -- which will clear the field of small enterprises that might challenge Big Tech's dominance -- is such a catastrophe. We need a vigorous, muscular form of antitrust that goes beyond merely fining firms and actually splits them up.”


In this instance Adobe is complying with an order from their nation's government. Don't present that as an excuse; why place any corporation in a position to revoke your access unilaterally, for whatever reason?

Only and has any ability to provide everyone with the .

Multi-Factor Authentication makes me the major players have not walled us into a proprietary crapware protocol. Instead, they have converged on the open standard TOTP protocol for generating one-time passcodes. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time-bas

Of course, the major players will exclusively promote their binary-blob proprietary application without any mention you can choose a better TOTP client. So I'm for the application, FreeOTP+ f-droid.org/packages/org.liber

I've been making a bunch of DIY resources recently, which entails rearranging and stitching graphics around. lets me do all my powerful complex editing.

Interactive graphics editing tools get a lot of love. Less well known, the tools for manipulating these documents.

I am for to let me figure out any manipulation I want and then automatically do it to an entire folder full of image files.


Okay, what about services specifically for organising a topic-based meetup group?

There is gettogether.community/ which is good at first look. Any better ones?

For a passphrase database built on known trustworthy open layers – Git, GnuPG, plain text – and clients on all the devices I need to use, I am for Password Store.


@grainloom What are your most urgently a needed Plan 9 features?

Separately: What are, in your estimation, the Plan 9 features most ripe to implement in *BSD and GNU?

@lychee And unlike Tweet, your un-sent Toot keystroke logs are private to you and never used against your interests. Hooray for !

Mate, if you want me to write code for you, I'm happy to charge you for only my time and release the code to all under a license. You get my effort, you get the code written to your specifications, you get to use it before anyone else even knows that it exists. That's a good deal!

Keep the code proprietary so that I can't use it elsewhere in my career? That's antisocial, and it costs a *lot* extra.

Am considering how to communicate to a friend, asking me to do some bespoke programming, that I am valuable for this purpose precisely because my work is licensed to all under conditions.

It's pretty damned rude to ask for both “mate's rates” *and* insist on keeping the result proprietary. You're asking both to control it exclusively forever and to pay nothing for that advantage.


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