So, a instance I enjoyed closed its doors.

I made use of the “export all data” feature for my account. Now the instance is gone, and I have a big data dump of my account data.

How do I migrate *everything* – not just my settings, but all posts, media, replies/boosts/etc. – to a new instance, seamlessly?

@bignose As a user you can't move your posts or the ones you're following to a new instance.

I moved to this instance myself and I was a bit disappointed when I couldn't move my posts as well.

That's disappointing to hear, thanks though @hund.

When you say “as a user”, do you mean a user of the source instance or of the destination instance?

@bignose You as a end-user. If you have access to the database you could in theory do anything.

An end-user of which instance? @hund The source instance, or the destination instance?

In other words, is it enough that the data dump was made as an end-user (not admin access) from the source instance, to then seamlessly migrate to a destination instance?

Or does one need to be admin on both source and destination instance?

Or is neither of those sufficient, to make the links follow seamlessly for old posts?

@bignose You need access to the database on the new instance. I'm not sure how detailed the user dump is. it seems you can't. At least not in a standard way...
Should've used migrate account feature from the mastodon instance..

@bignose would be ironic if we're talking about the same instance, but probably @Miaourt, the maintainer and admin of can shed some light in terms of migration.

They promise seamless transition of everything to their new instance, perhaps your instance's administration will cooperate and give out DB dump sufficient to move replies to the new instance.

The problem I anticipate is mapping old accounts to the new accounts (if the previous instance will be taken down).

@jonn @bignose Hello, it's not possible to map the old account into the new account, that why I let more than 1 year for ppl to move out of
However, you can import who you follow, and make your old follower follow your new account, it's all in https://<yourServer.tld>/settings/migration

@jonn @bignose for the content, you can't put back the posts you had, aleast automatically, and then you will not be able to recover "favorites" or "boosts" from it

@Miaourt @bignose that's... sad. I guess, an ethical thing to do when one invites people to their Mastodon server is to commit to preserve the content as RO even after closure. I hope @bignose's server in question will do so.

I probably should add such disclaimer to my server?..

@jonn @bignose Well, I know Mastodon offer archive retrieval, but yeah, you need to be warned beforehand in case your server shut down, otherwise you're in problem 😅

That's common usage nodaway to have an handful backup account, in case of such event.

@bignose definitely would like to see a response to this because that's one aspect I love about Mastodon if it works as smooth as they say. But I would assume it would be in that export area, there isn't an import option?

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