Is there a service I can pay a reasonable fee for a as a Mailman mailing list, my choice of name and my own existing domain?

Not free-software related (but run on Mailman because the tech should be free-software).

Also, I should be paying *just* for the mailing list, not gouged for a bundled of other services.

And, by “a mailing list”, I mean “one for now, but if I like the service, arbitrarily more as I get around to wanting them”. Because Mailman AFAICT makes that easy for the site administrator to do.

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@bignose Obviously you'll have to setup DNS to direct your mailing list host to the provider (e.g. which is a cost outside the provider's scope.

@neildarlow yep, DNS is already hosted, so I want to be able to point an address record under my control ( to the mailing list service, have that service claim to be when appropriate, and have it all correct.

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