Am considering how to communicate to a friend, asking me to do some bespoke programming, that I am valuable for this purpose precisely because my work is licensed to all under conditions.

It's pretty damned rude to ask for both “mate's rates” *and* insist on keeping the result proprietary. You're asking both to control it exclusively forever and to pay nothing for that advantage.


Mate, if you want me to write code for you, I'm happy to charge you for only my time and release the code to all under a license. You get my effort, you get the code written to your specifications, you get to use it before anyone else even knows that it exists. That's a good deal!

Keep the code proprietary so that I can't use it elsewhere in my career? That's antisocial, and it costs a *lot* extra.

@bignose I think the principle is good but keep it matter-of-fact and let the money guide the decision:

"I'd suggest one of two options: a) [Valuable Feature] under a license where I can reuse the work and show it to others to help further my career [$price] or b) [Valuable Feature] with copyright assigned to you [$significantly larger price]."

@bignose and I usually finish with "How would you like to proceed?"

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