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This is why my answer to your poll was Peertube. Not because it meets *every* criterion you asked for; that is IMO impossible (and even undesirable).

Rather, because it is less a centralised platform, and more a protocol. That's where the fairness and self-determination come from, IMO.

@ZedXo Any operator of a platform is bound to operate within their local laws or get shut down. So, any platform you find, will have explicit or implicit restrictions on what you may do on that platform.

If you want to avoid the inherent limits of platforms and instead distribute control to users, we need to build

And, by “a mailing list”, I mean “one for now, but if I like the service, arbitrarily more as I get around to wanting them”. Because Mailman AFAICT makes that easy for the site administrator to do.

Is there a service I can pay a reasonable fee for a as a Mailman mailing list, my choice of name and my own existing domain?

Not free-software related (but run on Mailman because the tech should be free-software).

Also, I should be paying *just* for the mailing list, not gouged for a bundled of other services.

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Just downloaded ~500MB of my #facebook data and deleted the account permanently. Google's next :)

Regex Crossword is a clever way to teach regular expression syntax.

One difficult aspect with regex patterns: not “does this match the text I want”, but “what *other* possible texts could this match, and do I need a different pattern instead”.

By nature of a , each cell has exactly one solution; but you reach the solution by considering the possible range of values that *could* match both across clue and the down clue.

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I think it's important to have a Free alternative, or people that want to take advantage of this kind of technology will have no options.

"The next great platform shift is underway, and that could be really bad for privacy"

Of the many TOTP applications, I chose FreeOTP+ because you can easily *transfer* the data to another device.

There is an argument to be made that MFA should be locked to one device. That ignores the fact we all use multiple devices and there is security in being able to authenticate from different devices, and/or easily transition to a new device when needed.

FreeOTP+ lets me export and import the underlying MFA data, letting me generate the same code on a different device when I need to.

Multi-Factor Authentication makes me the major players have not walled us into a proprietary crapware protocol. Instead, they have converged on the open standard TOTP protocol for generating one-time passcodes.

Of course, the major players will exclusively promote their binary-blob proprietary application without any mention you can choose a better TOTP client. So I'm for the application, FreeOTP+

The that funds hardware, hates . Instead, they want “recurring revenue” (sometimes, perversely, termed “sustainable revenue” from the perspective of ).

This is today Why Everything is a Subscription — of course, if we reject the assumption, there is a better way,

I've been making a bunch of DIY resources recently, which entails rearranging and stitching graphics around. lets me do all my powerful complex editing.

Interactive graphics editing tools get a lot of love. Less well known, the tools for manipulating these documents.

I am for to let me figure out any manipulation I want and then automatically do it to an entire folder full of image files.

Curious about the options. If I have Mastodon, and never touched any photo sites, what does Pixelfed bring that I would care about?

for youtube-dl, the amazing download tool for walled-garden audio and video.

TIL you can be more specific than “best” or “prefer free formats”.

Instead of unqualified `best` (meaning best available video and audio format):

> […] (for example if you are not interested in getting videos with a resolution higher than 1080p), you can add `-f bestvideo[height<=?1080]+bestaudio/best` to your configuration file.

I like to discover new . I want to avoid (and help others to avoid) by creepy antisocial corporations.

Can the Fediverse help satisfy both those? If not, what am I looking for and does it exist?

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even if you'd be happiest making stuff in a cave and talking only to close friends, online society under platform capitalism expects you to build a brand, have an audience, have a community, be an ~entrepreneur~. it's all a trap, but it needs you to feel like it's the only way you can survive.

Welp, got the sack this morning.

Decided I need a lunch around the corner. Nice bespoke vegetarian burger.

While waiting, guy comes in asking for manager. He's got a great opportunity and wonders if they'd like to sign on for his new delivery service app launching here next month.

My job involved making software to actually help people, and it burns me up to see bullshit service apps competing for the talent and money with other bullshit service apps, and winning.

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