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Hi all,

It's super exciting to join so vivid community based on and centered around FOSS.

When @bensturmfels agreed with me that we should migrate a project from Fabric 1.x (obsolete)

to 2, I said “hold on can we consider so long as we're going to have to learn something new?”

But now I can report that Fabric 1 → Fabric 2 was the simpler migration. Ansible is wildly useful but would have been too much hammer for the small nail we had.

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Okay, that was far too much pain this week, but I finally got

* Ansible
* SSL chain of hell
* Nginx
* Django

to do what I want and actually deploy a Hello World site. Damn, web is not getting any easier.

Maybe some day this year the site will actually do something.

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Hello everybody this is my first toot and I am pretty happy to find a social network like this. I don't know yet how to use it at all but I will learn for sure. I am a free software lover. Best regards.

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Had been thinking of masstodon here I went! Hope I will enjoy it and everyone stay happy.

An ode to uWSGI:

I wandered lonely in the cloud
To float my app o'er N-gin-x
When all at once I cried aloud
A host of uWSGI's weird defects
The config breaks, the logs confuse
The servers start, but mutely refuse.

Confounding as the clays that slide
And thwart attempts to see within
They clog the heels of boots in stride
The docs mislead and clank like tin
Ten thousand pages in a day
Nary with aught more to say.

status: Fighting and certificates and how tf to tell Nginx to use the damned certificate and key and intermediate cert and nnggGAAAAHH

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Why does Canvas have google analytics :ac_bewildered:

Why can't school-required software just not be evil

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I didn't realize was a thing either.

I'm Frito! 👋 My wife and friends even call me that even though it's not my given name. I'm a linux dabbler since 2k turned linux desktop user in 2019.

I'm also a software engineer by trade with my current main languages as Node, Python and C#. The bad / good news depending how you view it is I'm a git/vim guy. I mainly lurk here since I don't have much to post but I still ❤️ the community!

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Hello, I am a long-term GNU/Linux user who specifically uses Ubuntu. I love to spread the knowledge of tech and GNU/Linux to others 😀 . I also dislike Microsoft and Google with a passion.

Welcome @plausible, thanks for bringing more options for , , non- analytics.

I've been a happy @Matomo user for a long time, so I'm glad to see you address the comparison in

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Hello! I am new here and have used GNU/Linux since i was 13. I am currently studying Japanese and will be studying Arabic/Korean when I'm fluent to help others. 😀

Unlike the way has gone, it's entirely feasible to respect user and with effective contact tracing.

“But why a hardware token? Isn’t an app just better in so many ways?

[…] iPhone users, like the underprivileged, also don’t own a smartphone; rather, they’ve bought a phone that can only be used for Apple-sanctioned activities.

“It turns out that apps, and smartphones in general, are bad for user privacy.”

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Does anyone have a machine dedicated to test #linux distros? Thinking about it but I feel like it might be a bit excessive...

“We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Australia to be open and transparent regarding its COVID-19 tracing software application, with an independent review process open to all in the international and Australian community.

“It is possible to offer the public both privacy and successful COVID-19 contact tracing.”

Reject a in . Demand as , independent guarantees of , .

“There's a better way: "platform co-operativism," in which workers clone the apps - a trivial task - and then turn them into nonpredatory, worker-owned businesses that support the real economy instead of annihilating it […]

“The biggest co-op success story is Spain's Mondragon Co-Op. They [are offering] courses in platform co-op entrepreneurship.”

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Had a lovely call from ATO responding to my complaint about #MyGovID app being proprietary and requiring Apple/Google account. They've had significant feedback around this

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@skunksarebetter I am utterly and completely against this. I have no problem with people earning money, we all got to eat after all.
There are much better way though, like offering actual support.

The developers are aware of the need to automatically reduce bandwidth usage for all people in a meeting.

The need for is being exploited by centralised corporate platforms.

Worse, it is hugely amplifying the effect of setting family members against each other.

Our loved ones request to set up Slack, Zoom, WhatsApp, various Amazon crap and Microsoft crap. How can we reject that request on principles? It's not feasible.

Yet this wholesale transfer of control, to corporate monopoly, will be monumentally difficult to undo after the crisis passes.

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