@inktoca My recommended packages:

* Use-Package.
* Ivy + Swiper + Counsel.
* Magit + extensions as you like.
* Projectile.
* Treemacs.
* EditorConfig.
* Yasnippet + some snippet bundles.
* Flycheck.
* Specific language support for everything you think you'll write or read.

When new packages arrive in the ‘package-list-packages’ view, I can hit RET to view more info. Great!

So why do such a high proportion have absolutely no description beyond a one-liner?

Is there some ELPA field that's not being filled in, and if not why not? Don't packages automatically populate the description from the ReadMe document?

By the time I bothered learning React, the support in already made it easy.

for ‘rjsx-mode’

People in , and especially technology workers under Australian law, do not want or need mandatory surveillance, data retention by gov't, and broken encryption.
It's time our politicians support tech workers and for all Australians.

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Just discovered Mastodon and I'm intrigued. I'm from the Dallas area and am a techno junkie. Big believer in FOSS! Learning Functional programming currently..Elixir. Seems like a cool language built on the Erlang OTP platform. Hello to all!

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Hello I decided to place my personal Mastodon account at Fosstodon,

I'm excited to join the community here to learn more about projects.

I'm the founder of @Openwords


And I have a variety of interests in

I also run an English language editing group for nonnative English speakers.


I'm located on island 🇭🇰 & 🇺🇸

Feel free to say hello!

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Found this through a youtuber that I follow @switchedtolinux. Thought i'd check it out. I like the premise of Mastodon so far...

I am a Musician, Computer Geek, Woodworker and General Class Ham, among other things, i'm into a bit of Anime as well. Living in Maryland with my Wife and Daughter.

Hope to find like minded individuals, learn something new and maybe make a friend or two in the process.

We'll see what shakes out.

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Internet of things: 🤨
LAN of things: 🙂

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I've been lurking here for a while now thought I might officially introduce myself. I am a software developer, cartographer, FOSS enthusiast, and bird watcher. I love to develop in and on with an

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@libreoffice is doing some awesome stuff with documents. I've been using them for years now and their features are great and just plain work.

I've been pushing to move from O365 to LibreOffice at work and I really hope it happens soon.

#LibreOffice #FOSSRocks

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When I'm misreading 'Sex tales' as 'Sales tax' it is WAY past bedtime....

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I wonder how you make a living working on a #FOSS project?

I think that’s what I need to do next.

Does @1792coins engage in conversation? Or are we feeding some unilateral Matt Perry response database?

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Signs of a computer expert:

☐ uses vi or emacs
☐ uses git or mercurial
☐ uses tmux and/or mosh
☑ copies a form before submitting

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I'm spending quite a bit of time these past few months putting together a list of woman-identified creators of new/experimental/electronic/dance music.

If you have any favourites, please drop names in this thread so I can collate.

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