“Instead of taking an edible as I'd planned, I remembered some mushrooms someone had given me a while back and felt like if there was any chance I was going to enjoy Cats on any level, it would be melting into a psychedelic trip – just get weirded out and giggle and maybe make it fun. I was very, very wrong.”



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What I'm looking for is something that will (seamlessly?) cause the reader to jump to the message, without opening like an external link.

Okay, technical question: In a message how do I refer to an earlier message, explicitly, *without* it being a reply?

I want a new top-level post, but to be able to say in that post “remember this other message <link>”.

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Consider that the number of programmers doubles every 5 years. That means that at any given time, half the programmers in the world have less than 5 years experience. To put that into perspective, in 3 to 4 years, half the programmers in the world only remember microsoft loves Linux.

Good morning, 2020! May you all be safe and happy as we begin the final year of this decade.

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I am writhing this because I have zero follower s right now😅. I use Debian my whole journey. When I switch to Linux I never go beginners OS but go for hardest OS. I first Linux OS is Debian only. I switch to to because It is the god father of many Linux OS and the most stable one also. I use this platform to share my story with you guys. Thanks for reading this far🙏.

“The internet is vital for people to enjoy many of their , yet billions of people have no meaningful choice but to access this public space on terms dictated by Facebook and Google.

“This can never be a legitimate choice. We must reclaim this essential public square, so we can participate without having our rights abused.”

Facebook and Google’s pervasive poses an unprecedented danger to human rights | Amnesty International – amnesty.org/en/latest/news/201

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Hello, fellow Fosstodontizens... I’m a noob and I’ll just browse a lot to learn the proper protocols. I’m concerned about privacy, and have pulled from Facebook for good. Also, trying to de-Google-fy my life, using as much non-tracking software on my phone/computers as possible. I’ll be asking a lot of “stupid” questions soon enough!

Howdy @effy this is Ben Finney, erstwhile colleague at ThoughtWorks. Good to find you in the Fediverse!

Thanks to @KitsuneAlicia who tooted similar ideas while I was listening to that episode.

Listen to expecting sympathy for how *hard* it is to run their business when they are also expected to respect and .

Well boo-fscking-hoo. Users deserve freedom and privacy; you are not owed support for your . If you can't figure out how to do it at scale, then maybe your corporation is .

IRL - Online Life Is Real Life: Making Privacy Law irlpodcast.org/season5/episode

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Ok Fosstodon let me ask you a real question.

I'm designing an MA module where students should come out with a broad conceptual basis for analysing and critiquing social media platforms. What general conceptual areas do you think are important for this?

So far I've got...
1. Data ownership
2. Code ownership
3. Structure (central/decentral/matrix)
4. Security, surveillance.
5. Legal jurisdiction.
6. Content moderation
7. Gamification
... these can all be changed!
Thoughts so welcome.

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Hello world! :) Loving the experience here so far!

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I love FOSS as much as the next person but it’s shocking how many FOSS-supporters are dangerously out of touch with the realities of cost, time, skill, and other factors related to this stuff. So many people have unrealistic demands and expectations of software, and they’re so quick to turn on the things they once liked with an almost toxic speed and degree. I’d love to see those same people try to be a solution themselves for once so they get some perspective.

@ataraxia937 Much of the malware is pre-installed at time of purchase. , most people are not able to judge whether they can or should remove something that's mildly hidden on their device. So it stays.

Increasingly, is hand in hand with like and , in *mandating* and other on your device.

So, while the user has some amount of agency, it is over-estimated. Many people have a lot less effective choice.

Not sure whether it will work for the class circles @dsrtrosy needs, but is a freedom-respecting team chat + file sharing system for organisations.


It can be simple or complex depending on what you need, there are loads of plug-ins and apps.


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Non-freedom-respecting hardware should be considered broken.

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Mike's one piece of advice for new Mastodon users - dive into that Federated column and follow ANYONE and EVERYONE who looks like they've posted anything at all interesting to you. Just hammer the button. There's no penalty for mistakes. Go wild.

Later, when your Home timeline is buzzing, go in and unfollow people you decide you're not enjoying so much now.

Then do that again a few times. Then some more. Forever.

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