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Had a lovely call from ATO responding to my complaint about #MyGovID app being proprietary and requiring Apple/Google account. They've had significant feedback around this

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@skunksarebetter I am utterly and completely against this. I have no problem with people earning money, we all got to eat after all.
There are much better way though, like offering actual support.

The developers are aware of the need to automatically reduce bandwidth usage for all people in a meeting.

The need for is being exploited by centralised corporate platforms.

Worse, it is hugely amplifying the effect of setting family members against each other.

Our loved ones request to set up Slack, Zoom, WhatsApp, various Amazon crap and Microsoft crap. How can we reject that request on principles? It's not feasible.

Yet this wholesale transfer of control, to corporate monopoly, will be monumentally difficult to undo after the crisis passes.

“thinking about how software companies slowly chip away at the idea of consent by turning every "no" into "not right now," every "stop this" into "do this less often," every "i don't want that" into "maybe later"”

Yes, software corporations are moving deeper into abusive relationship habits with their users.

thanks to for the original.

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ProtonMail also did an interesting blog post surrounding some of the privacy concerns of Zoom.

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@klaatu @renor Yes, we tried the Jitsi Meet instance at last week and found it to have way too much lag.

That's why this week we're trying a instance hosted locally in our country by a community member. It *still *has too much lag to be useful.

Yet, all the centralised videoconf services have no problem keeping up on exactly the same network and computers in this building.

So, what's Jitsi Meet doing differently that makes it so laggy, and can it be markedly improved?

The major complaints seem to be that it's laggy to the point of unusable: video feed is smooth but then quickly freezes, and eventually even the audio gets choppy and the browser app complains about network connectivity.

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Okay, everyone. How do we make faster for people, so that it's a good alternative for those being pressured to use centralised corporate surveillance videoconference?

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People who might get creeped out by an unaccountable tech giant having a microphone in their home, are now eagerly letting an unaccountable tech giant listen through the microphone *and* watch through the camera in their home.

Don't invite Zoom to watch you in your home (nor Google nor Facebook nor etc.); instead, work to get #JitsiMeet so we can all use that, and bypass the surveillance tech giants.

For anyone interested in helping others use , you might find it easier to convince new users if they see good latency.

If you have the capability and the motivation, it can *really* help your case to get a nearby-hosted server and set up a Jitsi Meet instance. See the FAQ

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Me 2019: Hey, there's excellent non-surveillance videoconferencing service you don't even need to install anything, and if you like we can set it up you'll be ready to go.

They 2019: Wow this looks great! Hah, yeah I totally hate surveillance! If I ever need this I'll let you know.

Covid 2019: I'm coming, y'all

They 2020: Oh no, says we need videoconferencing, better create a Zoom account right now 'cause nothing else will do

Me 2020: ...

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Ok, so I never properly introduced myself. I'm a rag-tag fugitive from Scroogle+. I've been moderately active on diaspora* (pluspora) for a while, but I'd like to explore the fediverse more. I also staked out a plot on Friendica, but for some reason I don't find it as user friendly. I chose FOSStodon because I'm a programmer by trade. You'll also find me on github as GuyFleegman, though I'm not active there. Oh- my G+ name was (and my real name is) John Douglas Porter.

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Aggrorithm (n): an algorithm written to incite aggression. Aggrorithms are a dark pattern employed by businesses with bottom lines tied to confrontation and conflict (“engagement”). Profiling data is used to nudge users into conflict and increase revenue.


GNOME continues to impress me, and I'm sticking with it.

One thing that broke a while ago and I can't find a replacement for: IBus input method engine has an input method for “rfc1345”, allowing easy input of many non-ASCII characters.

Much better than application-specific input options, because a GNOME input method just works on every application.

How can I get my all-desktop “rfc1345” input method working again?

Grah, the “endless cascade of unverified NPM libraries” approach to development seems to have infected too. Fat chance getting a proper stable dependency chain to get it reliably in , then.

Do I get a virtual server and install instead?

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My take on free software projects and chatrooms:

I'm fine with Discord as long as it's bridged to Matrix. Like it or not, people already use Discord and it lowers the barrier to entry for participating in a community.

But if proprietary services are the *only* way to join a conversation about free software, yeah, that's not good.

@ejnunya @greenpete Are you saying that Microsoft are insincere when they say they love software freedom for users?

I'm just pointing out an implication of Microsoft's stated value position, and offering something concrete Microsoft can do to demonstrate it to the nay-sayers.

Maybe fans need to knock on their door until they do the right thing according to their stated values?

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