I never understood why this happens in Mastodon. I follow a guy that posts super interesting stuff. I wanted to know who he follows, because some of them might interest me as well.

But although he follows 48 people, I see none of them. And I can see only 3 people that follow him.


That is the "worst" part of Mastodon, to me, when compared to Twitter.

I find that smart people usually follow other smart people and that is, to me, a very good "recommendation system" of sorts.

@bighi when I visit someone's profile on Instagram, the fact that they are followed by 25 other people that I already follow is a pretty good indicator.

@kai Hey, when did I unfollow you? I was thinking you've been too quiet for a long time. Mistake corrected.

@bighi I think if you view their profile on their instance then you can see all their followers?

@groovestomp That works! Why did I never think of it? Thank you.

@bighi if you go to their profile on their instance, you see the full list I think

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