Every manpage should have an EXAMPLES that shows how to do the very basic, most obvious thing with the command line tool or library function.


Emacs is $0 today! Get into this powerful editor before it’s too late.

@hurtado Some of these are great! My child is going to be called Bartender Bolivariano Twister.

I hope you can understand some of these in Portuguese. 12, 16 and 106 are my favorites.

@Shitlord That one was actually "Mulher", which is "woman" in Portuguese. Slightly less threatening LOL.

OK, I have to share these. Warning: vulgar words.

But who tried to name their kid "My Precious"?? And "House of Love"? Both in English.

I'm dying while reading this list.

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When you submit the form to registrate a name for your newborn kid, the Brazlian government can deny it, and that name goes into a forbidden list.

I ended up looking at this list today.

And I saw "hugecock", like that, in English. Also (translation by me), "penis hole".

Who would try to name their kids like that???

So apparently I'm banned from github.com/golang/go 

I reviewed my comments to find out what might have caused it and my best guess is it's either because (A) I said that it's lazy to force git forge maintainers to add go-specific code rather than develop language-independent standards, or (B) I pointed out that git hosting is decentralized and adding "sourcehut support" by hardcoding git.sr.ht is incorrect, and applies to other hosts like gitlab, gitea, github enterprise, cgit, etc.

Notably among my participation in that repository is donating CPU time on my $1,000 RISC-V board to help with the RISC-V port.

In conclusion, 🖕. If you want to participate in golang/go be sure not to point out that any of their engineers are working on solutions which are wrong when the right solution is much harder.

Amazon's webshit is falling over, and they couldn't post an update to their status page because pushing updates to their status page relies on the webshit that's falling over.


When all you have is a hammer, everything is an SPA

@bighi I think if you view their profile on their instance then you can see all their followers?

That is the "worst" part of Mastodon, to me, when compared to Twitter.

I find that smart people usually follow other smart people and that is, to me, a very good "recommendation system" of sorts.

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I never understood why this happens in Mastodon. I follow a guy that posts super interesting stuff. I wanted to know who he follows, because some of them might interest me as well.

But although he follows 48 people, I see none of them. And I can see only 3 people that follow him.

#ClimateChange bigger threat than #COVID: Red Cross

The world should react with the same urgency to climate change as to the coronavirus crisis, the Red Cross said Tuesday, warning that global warming poses a greater threat than COVID-19.
In the report, on global catastrophes since the 1960s, the Geneva-based organisation pointed out that the world had been hit by more than 100 disasters since the World Health Organization declared the pandemic in March.


And remember kids, if anyone tells you to implement DRM, tracking software, anti-patterns, gambling apps disguised as social media, and so on - you tell them to "FUCK OFF". If you get fired over it (and you might not, for the record), give me a call and we'll help you find somewhere better.

You’ve heard of serverless cloud architecture :meowtired: :blobcatsleep:

Now, get ready for… 🥁🥁🥁

:blobcheerL: Cloudless server architecture :blobcheerR:

We’re offering features you thought you could only dream of:

Hardened database security: Databases don’t have to be exposed to the network thanks to the wonders of On-System Databases™ and Unix Sockets™, hardening security tenfold!
Latency-free database connections: As if that wasn’t good enough, On-System Databases™ allow you to dramatically reduce latency by bypassing the need for pesky network connections!
On-Demand Web Worker Process Spawning™ using the Common Gateway Interface™
Bare-Metal Access™ to On-Server Storage™ for unparalleled Read™ and Write™ speeds
Predictable costs: No more surprise bills. Pay only for what you specify! Our patent-pending Hardware Limitations™ automatically throttles your cloudless server if you reach capacity
Documentation: tired of trying to navigate through the jungle of outdated and incorrect Azure or AWS documentation? Don’t fret! Operating systems are documented by the most dedicated gangs of nerds you can find on freenode!

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