The more features that are added to the web, the less browser competition is possible! This is essential to recognize.

And Google knows it! That's the whole point.

Who can keep up with Google? Mozilla can't. Apple can't. Even Microsoft threw in the towel and adopted Chromium.


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Here my hands after two 90 minute sessions exposed to the sun. During summer. At noon. These were taken more than a week after my trip, blisters were gone.

As much as cars are a problem, we NEED a box protecting us from the sun, most of the year. And it's only getting worse.

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I love the idea of using bicycles instead of cars, but everytime I try, I remember that maybe that is only a reality for colder countries. Here in Brazil, even a short 8-minute ride means you'll arrive completely covered in sweat.

I also took a trip with my wife and decided to ride my motorcycle. Much more fuel efficient than a car! We rode for 90 minutes, stopped at a restaurant, and 90min more to destination. My hands got severely burned by the sun. Burned enough to get lots of blisters.

« For almost a decade, has trained its employees to use the attorney-client privilege to hide ordinary business communications from discovery in litigation and government investigations. »

Imagine Star Wars, but, every droid in the galaxy is literally run by the Empire, they talk home to Coruscant every night for software updates, and the Rebel Alliance thinks this is just fine and doesn't understand how come they keep losing key battles

That's our future if we don't change the trajectory we're on.

I don't know how to make anyone who matters understand that.

A "podcast" behind a paywall is not a podcast.

A "podcast" that only one app can receive is not a podcast.

A "podcast" without a public feed that can be freely pulled into any podcast client or RSS reader is not a damn podcast, don't let people get away with calling it that.

Hey @LemmyDev , the official instance ( seems to be federating with a known tankie instance (lemmygrad[.]ml):

That instance has several... problematic... threads, for example celebrating Stalin and denying Uyghur genocide.

Do you perhaps see this as a problem?


To underestand what Britain did to herself, with #Brexit damage, check out this chart.

hat tip to Andrea cc


"The concept of "carbon footprint" was coined by an advertising firm working for British Petroleum to shift the focus for climate action onto individuals."


40 years of letting kids write "Jesus did it" on their biology tests and this is where we inevitably ended up: a nation of booger-eating morons who understand LESS about how the universe works than our witch burning ancestors.


If you haven't read a book in a while this is your reminder that books are awesome. Pick one up. :)


Chrome was delivered without any sprints at all. The team came in at 9 and left at 5 (figuratively, people actually kept their own ~8h schedules) every workday for a couple years like clockwork. No drama. No broken marriages, no broken families.


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