Lieber Bürgermeister #Nagl, so sieht das aus, wenn man wirklich etwas für die Menschen und die #Umwelt umsetzt. #Graz #Paris #Verkehr #Bäume


Paris is investing £225m to transform the iconic but car-choked Champs-Élysées boulevard into an “extraordinary garden.” Among other things, 140K on-street parking spaces will be removed. Bold city-building leadership from & team. Via



Repeat after me people :

"I will not touch ocean animals unnecessarily for social media clout"

Thank you...


TIL the city of Stockholm, led by Moderates, spent hundreds of millions on building proprietary "school platform" software, which took 6 years to ✌️complete✌️ and still sucks now, 9 years since they started.
Some computer-savvy parents made an open source alternative that people use instead, since it actually works and doesn't fail to log in 6 times out of 10 because the proprietary software peddlers don't understand async programming.

#Musk (and #Tesla) would support #Bitcoins again if they move to green energy for mining.

How stupid is that? This would still "take away" energy that could be used elsewhere with a real purpose.

Remember: What is the purpose of BC anyway? It's far from fit to deal with a reasonable amount of transactions with reasonable costs.

It's just a cleverly made financial bet tool for wealthy people that value personal gain more than the environment.

#BanBitcoins today! 💰 🔌


"Most major news outlets still present climate change as no more important than a dozen other public issues, when the fact is that if the world doesn’t get it under control, fast, climate change will overwhelm every other issue."


“We live in a world where captains get arrested for saving people’s lives on the sea; where a person downloading scientific articles faces 35 years in jail; where people risk charges for bringing contraceptives to those who otherwise couldn’t get them. Folks are getting in trouble for giving food to the poor, medicine to the sick, water to the thirsty, shelter to the homeless.”

AstraZeneca’s total value (market cap) is $133B this means Jeff “fuck you and fuck the planet” Bezos can buy it with just 1/3 of his cash, give it all away, and still have $270B left over for his evil henchman plans.

Again: the only reason we have poverty, healthcare disparity, malnutrition, and worse, is because capitalism allows rich people to be isolated from the direct consequences of their wage theft.

We will not fix the planet without systemic revolution. But this one will be televised.

"Bloomberg today released a report on how companies like #Apple, #Microsoft, #Amazon and #Google are working together to put a stop to laws that would make it necessary for companies to provide device schematics, genuine repair parts and repair manuals to independent repair technicians."

"Google continued collecting location data even when users turned off various location-sharing settings, made popular privacy settings harder to find, and even pressured LG and other phone makers into hiding settings precisely because users liked them"


After a sudden hostile (and/or grossly incompetent) takeover by Freenode tonight, the #qutebrowser IRC channel is now on - I urge other projects to do the same sooner rather than later, as long as you can still tell your users about it.


If we learn anything from this wretched pandemic, it's that:

1) Workers are always essential.
2) Healthcare is a basic right.
3) Conspiracy theories can be deadly.
4) The stock market isn't the economy.
5) Wages are too low to get by on.
6) Billionaires aren't the answer.


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