@kev MOT of the faithful bandit once I get the new headlight fitted next week 👍

@bigbrownepaul mines die an MOT in a few weeks, sure it’ll be fine though. Bandit 6 or 12?

@kev bandit 6 bought as a budget bike when my new house requested every penny I owned! Replaced a beautiful 2014 Fireblade 🙈

@bigbrownepaul I used to have a B6 as my workhorse bike - the thing was bulletproof and surprisingly fun to ride.

@kev yeah lot of dosh too and still enjoy pootling about on the bandit

@bigbrownepaul the full naked bandits are like rocking horse shit these days - all the ones on Auto Trader etc. seem to be the part-faired version. Which is what I had...


@kev yep very nice machines but no where near the quality of the Yam

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