Proud Dad moment when your 6yo son is getting ready for school in the other room and you hear him singing AC/DC.

He's a chip off the old block!

This iFixit video reminded me how cool the FairPhone actually is and I realized it makes me a bit sad that the Linux crowd currently doesn't work much with those devices :/

Looking for wifi AP recommendations 

I have a Ubiquiti Unifi AP but don't like the overhead of running the Unifi controller tool, nor that Ubnt collect user metadata.

I'd like something useful for me (advanced user) that I can also recommend for "normal people", whom I can help with the configuration.

The Mikrotik cAP ticks many boxes as a replacement, but I *hate* their complicated management UI. Is it worth learning, or are there better alternatives?

Boosts appreciated #wifi #mikrotik #ubnt

I've just installed OpenBSD in an old PC. It's working great. Installation process is simple and pretty straight forward. And the number of package installed by default is impressive.

The most awesome part is RAM consumption. Only 79 MB. I'm loving the experience

Aww, for some reason bsd.rd on my edgerouter4 doesn't recognize the NVME disk in an XHCI enclosure as a disk (although I booted the miniroot img off of it to do the install)

I don't often link to Twitter statuses, because.... Twitter, but this one was funny. I'll quote so you don't have to click the link, but you can if you want to.

"Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows."

5d into using the #PinePhone +#mobian+PhoSh.

I made it mine through:

* "bricking" it (it is very HARD to _actually_ brick as it boots in priority from a micro-SDcard.. and the issue was documented)
* trying 10+ OSes on it
* apt dist-upgrade
* apt install stuff
* editing config files and boot loader with vi
* querying the baseband
* adding custom script in /usr/local/bin
* importing data through NextCloud

I feel that joy, curiosity and excitement i didn't feel in computing for a while! #Libre

Hey all, I wonder if anyone can recommend a hosted helpdesk system they have actually used! Currently on Freshdesk at work and looking for a safe/useful service I can recommend to the boss

"Lab-grown food is about to destroy farming – and save the planet | George Monbiot"

Damn this nonsense makes my blood boil. And I am of very calm kind...

See my comment in

Plan for today's afternoon is work on compressing all my image albums from google and migrating them to ... or at least get started 😂

@bigbrownepaul urgh. Sorry to hear that. You got much on this evening?

Shite day, feel really let down by the people I work with. Be okay tomorrow but really feeling it right now!

Tomorrow is #DeleteWhatsAppDay! 🚮 Despite WhatsApp’s delay of its privacy policy update, many users have decided to take a stand for #privacy and leave the controversial chat service on the original deadline of February 8. ✊

#Capitalism is meant to be about private firms taking risks and reaping the rewards. The #rail network on the other hand is about the public taking the risk and racking up huge debts, even while the private firms reap excessive rewards.

Just a quick note to say what a great experience I’m having in running nextcloud on if you want to test out for free or buy a package they are worth a look

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