So tomorrow we’re swapping our boys’ bedroom with my study, so they have more space. That means dismantling my 100kg raising desk AND moving a 500kg (when full) fish tank.

Trying to get ahead of the game a little bit tonight.

I. Hate. My. Life. This is gonna be a complete and utter nightmare.

I have inherited an Aruba AP-225 wifi point in a load of uneeded items from a client, wondering if anyone is aware of a way to use it without the rather expensive Aruba controller, nice bit of kit be a shame to miss out on it......

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, spot on and very immersive despite the huge run time. Excellent work

Most likely the #Pinephone #Beta edition from @thepine64 will be shipped out to customers in April 2021. Stock OS will be @ManjaroLinuxARM with #PlasmaMobile by @kdecommunity. So get ready for #preorders soon:

I think we should declare 16th March international morons day. A day where we celebrate morons everywhere, as they seem to be out in force today...

New installer (alpha5) for @mobian on the .

It allows to 1) directly install mobian on the eMMC from the SD card (or on the SD card from the SD card), 2) choose your base file system and 3) encrypt the disk.

Get it at

[PSA] Re. availability of , , , etc., Due to component shortages, component price-increases & related issues, we will only open orders/pre-orders when production is securely underway. We are working hard to make most devices available this month, but ultimately we cannot a guarantee this. We don't want to take your money without certainty of delivering devices on time.

Day 15 of the 2021 Series:

Lots of people actually trust Google. I trust Google to take as much of my information as they can and use it however they choose. Beyond that, blindly trusting the results of any search engine is probably not the best idea.

Just Fossers, I’m getting to a point of upgrading my iPhone and wonder if anyone is actually using a Ftech or pinephone day to day??

@bigbrownepaul I used to have a B6 as my workhorse bike - the thing was bulletproof and surprisingly fun to ride.

@PINE64 when will the phone be available to buy again? Cheers

Ever been *magically* locked out of your Google account?

Idk, would make me nervous that someone would be able to lock my account with no recourse for recovery, just because my account was hacked and then used for nefarious activity.

Lose access to my email (and whatever services the hacker gained access to using recovery tools that rely on access to email), my adsense account, all my contacts, all my calendar, etc. all at once.

Leave Google while you still can

Tooting from , as I decided to keep using it despite the video being done. One really nice feature others (e.g. /#phosh and#plasmamobile) should copy is the paste button that's on the keyboard whenever there's something in clipboard.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, The more places you’ll go…”

Trying to convince my wife that me buying a second motorbike is a great idea. Not gonna lie, folks, this is an uphill struggle. 🤫

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