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As of now, the gas stove is the last natural gas powered appliance in my house. Heat pump water heater and heat pumps for room heat have been operating for a few months now. The next, key test is how they will perform in a NYC winter.

New York City here: The line for early voters without absentee ballots wraps around the entire city block 1.5 times. I dropped off my absentee ballot inside the early polling place with no wait.

We installed mini-split heat pumps for interior heating and cooling in two stages and they’ve worked great so far, but we haven’t relied exclusively on them for winter heating. That will change this year, because we completely removed our natural gas-fired boiler this summer.

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I’d been idly researching energy efficient appliances for my long term plan for my house—removing fossil fuel-powered systems and replacing them with electric. Key to the effort is a combination of photovoltaic solar power production and heat pumps. We installed a 4.69 kW solar power system 2.5 years ago and haven’t had to pay for electricity since!

Dead and dying shopping malls. Much discussion about how to repurpose them. I suggest we recycle the materials and plant forests. Move the surviving stores into actual town centers instead.

Been working with our first few hundred beta users for our startup, www.evolved.live - a tutoring marketplace with live, browser-based video chat. So far, a lot of fun!


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