WIP of some assets I put together for a friends project. All modeled with and textured with textures.

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#FOSS frontend for Google Translate:
➡️ gtranslate.metalune.xyz/

+ Doesn't require Javascript
+ Has all the languages
+ Simple UI
+ Google can't track you*
+ Can be self hosted or even be run on your own machine
- Doesn't have language Auto detect


* May depend on input. If you self host, use TOR.
** I would recommend trying ➡️ libretranslate.com first, then this.

I’m not sure if I’m missing a trick here with all the alternatives for init systems out there. I gave a shot and liked it with but is the worry that if something bad happens to systemd that people who run it won’t know how to fix it? And then openrc or other init scripts are easier to maintain?

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After spending the whole day, in addition to waiting a week for Oneplus to send me the token to unlock the phone, I am happy to report that I successfully installed Ubuntu Touch on the oneplus 6T. Expect a video soon

We’re rushing to get all our veterinarian work done before we move an hour away. It’s meant last minute rushed appointments but worth it!

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Also, tried my hand at our famous puff-pastry apple pie this last season. My wife does the inside, I do the outside! It came out well, except maybe the base could have used a little more baking.

I just signed docs today on our first house. It still doesn’t feel real. I suppose it won’t until we get the key. Honestly, I just want the whole thing to be over after having to wrangle corporate sellers (Zillow) into repairing what they said they would. I can’t recommend buying property from a corporation :(

I’m realizing that sharing a /home directory between six distributions is way more headache than it’s worth. Somehow my profile broke on all systems but one. The same for my mail client. has its own config files but shares some things with the ones. It might just be easiest to bind my pictures, music, etc to their own mount points and go from there.

I did something stupid. I ordered nylon guitar strings without checking to see if they were for standard acoustic or classical guitars. Aaand I got the wrong kind. I made it work thanks to my ability to make a mess of knots ​:blobthinkingeyes:​ so there’s that.

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Today marks the end of Community Editions.
Thank you to
@kde and @mobian for making it possible. And thank you to all of you who picked up a CE and supported the mobile Linux cause!

BLOG: pine64.org/2021/02/02/the-end-

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Wow, just blew my mind. I just point it at a USB, and then I can slap as many .iso files on there as it will hold and then it can boot all of them anytime!!! No more dd-ing live USBs for me!

Just installed on an old dell latitude. Had to cut it short for tonight, but the install took all of 7 minutes without Internet. Not too shabby. Looking forward to putting on it and goofing around with the file system. It’s the only laptop I have with a CDROM so maybe there’s handbrake or an equivalent in the BSD ports.

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Just spent the night making an unbloated Windows 10 ISO thanks to Chris Titus’s video on . I stripped out quite a lot with the tool he recommends. Unfortunately, when rubber met the road the Windows setup assistant failed to flash the OS. I’ll try using Rufus to make the bootable usb instead of woeusb (for Linux). If that doesn’t work, guess I’ll have to keep some bloat if I want to make a custom ISO :-/

I'm trying to write a program in to catch new emails sent from Outlook and save them as .pdf files. Anyone know anything about manipulating the .ost file? Or should I be focusing my efforts on listening for the events or some such?

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