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I finally accidentally dd’d my entire laptop drive instead of a USB. I lost my install, but I replaced it with for something different. Going to give it a try on the thinkpad.

Still trying to set up my desktop with . I am slowly learning how to set up a graphical environment and I’m making a laughable amount of blunders!

I've been using as my daily driver for a few months, but I ran into a frustrating issue with trying to animate with and so I went in search of another . I started down , but found that my Nvidia GPU is causing no end to the headaches, so I'm considering instead.

I game on and , and was concerned about support. I played on my stock Ubuntu installation without issue. I really want Fedora to work tho, and the installation process hangs :(.

I’m really excited for the release. I know I probably won’t be able to get one of the first ones, but seeing others post about their phone experience will be awesome to see.

I’m pulling for from for the OS!

It feels like fall, so we went ahead and made some caramel apple cupcakes!

This week I got Remote Play to work really well over a 4 running Wireguard as a VPN! Doesn’t overheat and I ran it for 10 hours to put it through its paces. I got 60fps and low latency on my Carbon X1 running streaming from my computer at home! Feels good.

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Porting for new devices that are interesting for the future of Ubuntu Touch and of UBports regarding Free Software, Privacy and Community, is one of the activities we do.
On the left you can see a photo of Ubuntu Touch running on #Pine64 PinePhone, and on the right you can see running on the Purism #Librem5. These ports are not ready yet, they still need a lot of work, but they are progressing. #ubports#ubuntu #linux #ubuntutouch #developer

Coffee break during jury duty. Turns out there are a drove of lovely places to get proper coffee in downtown San Diego, like .

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Just installed on a 2014 and boy was that a trial by fire. Still can’t get the WiFi to turn on at boot, but it runs! Sadly, from a first time user’s perspective, the installation guide left a lot out on EFI partitioning for me—or maybe I just didn’t find it very accessible.

In any case it’s working well enough for me.

Feels good when your favorite reads your feedback on the show!

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Valve funded development of "Xrdesktop" - lets desktop environments GNOME & KDE work in VR.

Xrdesktop is a project to interact better within a VR space for presenting on VR head-sets.

The amount of resources Valve is pouring to improve the Linux ecosystem is amazing.

They've hired / have funded GPU driver devs, DXVK, Proton (Wine) devs (CodeWeavers), Keith Packard to work on direct display extensions...

#xrdesktop #Valve #VR #Gnome #KDE #Linux #OpenSource

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Keeping an eye on the weather with the Windy app from OpenStore while updating other apps on the Nexus. Handy. #UBports #ubuntu #ubuntutouch #linux #developer
Bryson boosted is looking for a new maintainer!

If nobody comes forward by 2020, it'll be forced to shut down. Please boost to spread the word.

Note that this is the podcast-sharing website: I'm not sure about the status of the app, but I think that's still doing fine.

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UbuCon Europe is taking place in Sintra, Portugal 🇵🇹 from 10th-13th October, 2019 😃 If you want to present the call for papers 📄 is open until July 31st. For everyone else, it's time to start planning your trip 🛫 to #UbuconEU19

Bought everything I thought I needed for my but turns out I bought the wrong charger and I don’t have a display cable for it :(. Guess I won’t get that ad-blocking pi-hole project up til the end of the week.

So stoked to see my in the mail tomorrow! Big plans to mess with or other such inventions I’ve heard about on

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We would like to remind you that UBports will be attending Ubucon Europe 2019.
This year Ubucon Europe will be in Sintra, Portugal, from the 10th to the 13th of October. You can expect several talks, a booth, and maybe some workshops by our Community.
Please join us there!
Further information about the event at
#UbuconEU19 #UBports #UbuntuTouch #Unity8 #AppDev

Had some fun this week! I volunteer and dance at a weekly dance in San Diego, CA, called . Always a good time.

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