I started doing some testing for the today with which was a lot of fun. Opened a couple issues while drinking my morning coffee! Many thanks to for their hard work on this phone.

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It is a common misconception by users that the best editors are either emacs or vim. Clearly the best editor is Visual Studio Code, which just saw a 1.46.0 release! Check it out in tomorrow's sync. - @JoshStrobl

P.S. This is not the official view of Solus or all of Core Team. At least not until I convert them.

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@Gina Ah, old school cool. Make sure you put the base under running cold water a the end to reduce heat in the chamber, otherwise you end up with burned tastes from the very end of the brew. (weird coffee person here) Source: youtube.com/watch?v=rpyBYuu-wJ

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SELF (SE Linux Fest) is here! Virtual conference you can attend from the comfort of your home. Great speakers, great content, amazing networking abilities, clear your schedule the fun starts today! Head to linuxdelta.com @asknoahshow
#linux #opensource

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Thought I'd try something new today since sync is planned for next Friday (27.03) to allow for testing. Here's just a highlight of some stuff coming to you next Friday (with more planned next week).

Have a good Friday and weekend folks ♥️ - Joshua

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Current state of my Blender learning journey following #BlenderGuru's awesome Donut tutorial series (youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjE).

It's a lot of fun, and so satisfying to get to this kind of result. Blender and its community are awesome :)

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For this Valentine's Day we're giving you what you love the most on Linux, lots of package updates! Read about the latest goodies at getsol.us/2020/02/13/we-love-p 😍

#Solus #SolusIsLoveSolusIsLife

@Ubports @ubports Where should I submit bugs or suggestions for the OS on ? I'm checking out the forum atm!

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Today on our panel discussion we will talk about how we have personally shifted some of our services away from Google.
7:00p EST

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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Solus 4.1 Fortitude, a new Solus 4 series release! This release delivers a brand new desktop experience, updated software stacks, and hardware enablement. Read more at getsol.us/2020/01/25/solus-4-1 🎉🎉🎉

Tracking for the in the mail is both encouraging and infuriating. I know they said it wasn't accurate, but part of me just can't wait to put on it.

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I’m hopeful that the controller will be worth the $5! Especially with the comparability factor, I’m guessing I’ll find a use for it. I’ve been gaming on the PC for so many years now that it’ll be a strange adjustment to hold a controller again.

Now, if only I can get Call of Duty: Modern Warefare running with !

I just ordered a ! Can’t wait to see it in the mail. I’m watching @kde and @ubports @ubports for guides on flashing OS’s and the like!

Working on a personal fan project for in . I’ve seen some pretty quick tutorials with that could be perfect for getting a great model to work with. I’m a little nervous having never used both programs extensively, but you gotta start somewhere!

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So stoked for the after watching the stream from . Even though it'll be a somewhat lower powered device, I'm so excited to get one because it'll be open source from head to toe! Thank you guys @ubports !

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As always fair, insightful, accurate and without necessary hype. Jan, Dalton and Marius from @UBports discuss the on their Q/A. If you have time, watch in entirety, if not click video below:


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