Starting a repair on my windbreaker. Going for a "visible mending" repair here. I'll do a backstitch all the way around, then stitch it together going over the backstitch for strength. I have some seam sealant (similar to shoe goo) somewhere to make it water resistant again.

Pro tip: don't put your hand in your pocket when it's leashed to a poorly trained doggo!

Are you and/or struggle with dates, calendars, and planning?

Try this printable continuous calendar. Something about the format makes it *fundamentally* easier for me to use. It also becomes "disposable" when you print it, so you can have more than one or easily start clean.

Perhaps a little too much time spent thinking "can I?" instead of "should I?"

It was fun scratching the creative itch for a bit!

Healthcare Costs 

Going through my health insurance plan options for 2021, found this on

Somebody sanity check me here: insurance companies are allowed to raise individual OOP maximums by $400/$8,150 = 4.9% for 2021?

Anybody here getting a 5% raise this year?

My employer is postponing "salary increase" discussions until the "first half of next year". But don't worry! "Executives also will not have a salary increase cycle in 2020." 🧐

Working a raspberry pi based thermostat for my senior project. I had originally decided to use a low-level GUI toolkit on the framebuffer, like pygame or even uGFX.

Gave GTK3 a chance first though. Glade is fantastic! The ROI with a fat toolkit like this is stunning. I'm sure that my 1GB RAM will be hurting between Python and this GUI, but... it's so pretty!

Gotta get that everywhere!

Also, this is my . Hello, fosstodon! I've enjoyed lurking for a bit.


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