Just released smol.pub: A low-tech journaling service for the small net.

Also, CentOS Stream is definitely *not* rolling-release. It's the development platform for RHEL now, so Stream 8 is where they're working on security and stability fixes for the remainder of RHEL 8's lifetime.

Stream 9 will soon start as roughly an RC for RHEL 9, then presumably transition to the same state as Stream 8 after the RHEL release:

"CentOS Stream 9 will launch in Q2 2021 as part of the RHEL 9 development process."

I'm assuming there's an equivalent to "dist-upgrade" to update 8->9

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We'll see where the chips fall this year regarding RHEL pricing/licensing:

"In the first half of 2021, we will be introducing low- or no-cost programs for a variety of use cases, including options for open source projects and communities, partner ecosystems and an expansion of the use cases of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer subscription"

"If you’re an individual user running a server for personal production use, we are launching a program soon that will ease your consumption of RHEL."

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I spent some time looking into the "stream" situation now that the dust has settled a bit.

Basically, it's obvious that Red Hat is saying "no free lunch for production workloads". No doubt about it, though they won't come out and say it: they want people on instead.

"... however, in our opinion, every *production* workload is best supported on RHEL."


I realize that , , , etc cater to a power user crowd. But I'm facing the prospect of setting up a new laptop with and sway and while I love minimalism... it's pretty daunting to get everything working

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Is there a decent "desktop environment" package for ?

It would be nice to have "all the things" installed, enabled, close to "vanilla".

Things like swaylock/swayidle, logind/session setup, authentication daemon, wayland env vars, display management utility, auto-launch configuration, gtk theme, keyboard media controls and shortcut manager, application launcher, notifications, etc..

people envisioning any type of car as the future of transport is just depressing, be it automated or electric.

Question: what is Signal/Open Whisper's funding model? As in, where does the money to run adverts come from?

Afaik the product is completely free - and 'free' just means you don't know who's paying for it...

So is my Minecraft server for the Fediverse. I enjoy being its' admin and it's not going anywhere

But I know that MC isn't or open enough for some people. Not to mention that Minetest is a bit more extensible, can run on other kinds of devices, and seems to reach further into the ideologies I find permeating FOSS. Even at the expense of gameplay.

Would there be interest in an additional server for the fediverse? A ?

Boost this and let's find out.

environment, consumption 

"Your people are driven by a terrible sense of deficiency. When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money." (quoteinvestigator.com/2011/10/)

Aurora - The Seed

Fitness, health 

I just found a parkour/gymnastic/free movement gym in my area with tons of classes and open gym time.

As someone who doesn't want to "get old" before dying, yet simultaneously hates the traditional bro-gym, this place looks awesome.

Thinking I need to carve some time out. It would be awesome if they had a simultaneous kids class...

Checkout this video and see how the streets are designed in Amsterdam for example compared to the US or Canada.

How can I not be like: "WTF" if I see that crap :blobcatgiggle: We are currently actively 'rebuilding' cities to remove the car aspect from the busy centers


I want zines, and scenes.
I want sneakernets, encrypted and online.
I want the flagrant disregard of intellectual property.
I want the death of Surveillance Capitalism and the rebirth of unfettered Derivative Arts.
I want the Small-Web and Big-Culture.
I want Peer-to-Peer to mean what it says.
I want Open-Source to be the Source of Openness, Acceptance and Inclusiveness.
And whilst what I want may be of no account,
what _we_ want, may be! Maybe.


Just saw an advertisement on the side of a public school bus.

I think the 'tech' community needs to work towards a movement against 's . It would be nice (and appropriate, IMO) to see this destroy 's market share.

Insurance salesman: Mr Simpson, can you really put a price on your families well being?

Homer: You wouldn't think so, yet here we are.


The #MarsHelicopter is nearly ready to take off. Join the ride on nasa.gov/live -April 9: Preflight briefing, 10am PT/1pm ET -April 12: First flight data downlink, 12:30am PT/3:30am ET -April 12: Postflight briefing, 8am PT/11am ET Ask Qs below go.nasa.gov/39OtbAM pic.twitter.com/Kx9VIFAtxq twitter.com/NASAJPL/status/138

On my list:

Cheerful "cinematic instrumental rock orchestra", ear candy from a set of decent headphones.

I would love to get my hands on Education Edition, but no support?

Classic , why would they want Linux in schools?

They get none of my $$ today.

We’re in the home stretch. The #MarsHelicopter has lowered all four legs and is in position to touch down on the Martian surface. Once it’s fully ready, @NASAPersevere will release it gently to the surface. go.nasa.gov/ingenuity pic.twitter.com/K3fqt2X2q3 twitter.com/NASAJPL/status/137

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