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In February 2019 I rented a house and invited a bunch of musicians to spend the weekend making music together. This music video was made on the first day.

How to build a soil moisture sensor for your plants, getting notifications when they're dry.

Testing the integration between my weblog engine and Mastodon.

Trailing commas are the best invention, ever,

What is the widest DOM element you've ever rendered?

I have a table that when rendered is more than 2.1 million pixels wide! Does anyone know a React component that dynamically loads table columns (in addition to table rows)?

Signs of a computer expert:

☐ uses vi or emacs
☐ uses git or mercurial
☐ uses tmux and/or mosh
☑ copies a form before submitting

My favorite sport: typing faster than the typeahead can give recommendations.

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll create a tagging system." Now they have .

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I swear, if a UI has a 1 px non-clickable line between two elements, that's where I click 90% of the time.

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#thanks for the hint! just disabled it by setting #mousewheel.with_control.action to 0 in #about:config :verified:
(0 means "Do nothing", 1 means "Scroll contents", 2 means "Go back or forward in the history", 3 means "Zoom in or out the contents")

This should do the trick for me, as I somehow only experience this problem in #firefox..!? :firefox:


Hi, friends in the US.

I recently signed up for Privacy, a service for creating unlimited credit card numbers. Each number is locked to a vendor, and can have its own limit.

This is useful for cancelling services that are hard to cancel (just delete the number) and to avoid having your credit card info stolen.

The service is free. You create new numbers in the app, and payments are done from your bank account.

If you're interested in trying, I have a referral code:

"I don't know how the programming language for scientists in 2025 will look like, but I know it will be called FORTRAN."

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Mastodon, can we play a game?

You describe an animal badly, and I draw exactly what you described.

(Do not tell me what the animal is. I will not try to guess. Please tell me AFTER I finish the drawing.)

Attached is a blue whale as my 6yo son described it. Want more? Reply with a description of your own!

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