Testing the integration between my weblog engine and Mastodon.

@laravista here's my blog engine: github.com/betodealmeida/nefel

When I create a new post, it's published to Twitter, Mastodon, WT.Social and a few others (configured per-post).

Replies are then mirrored locally, in order to preserve them. See an example here: blog.taoetc.org/wtsocial_integ

@beto I like #Python but in this moment I have a free #PHP hosting to use so I have to port your big idea on #Laravel framework


@laravista correct! The blog is just static pages uploaded to S3, so I need to regenerate it periodically for new comments to show up.

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@beto Finally this is good becauuse so you can check before the comments if you want to avoid SPAM or haters or bad stuff

@laravista good point! I haven't had that problem yet, but it would be easy to blacklist some of the comments before republishing the blog.

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