@beto Big fan of these tunes. What instruments were used?

@cavaliertusky thanks, I'm happy you like it!

Everything was composed, mixed and recorded using a single instrument, the Teenage Engineering OP-Z: teenage.engineering/guides/op-

The songs were recorded straight to my phone, via USB. I did some light mastering (compressor, limiter, EQ) in Ardour before uploading them.

@beto That is so cool. I wish to make similar music but just have a small midi keyboard and can't get jackd/ardour to work very well on an Ubuntu Studio install. It would be so much easier to have the synth and sequencer all together.

@cavaliertusky thank you!

Which keyboard do you have? You can try running Ardour without Jack (using the ALSA driver instead), if you need the interapplication routing.

Alternatively, try running `a2jmidid -e`, after starting Jack, and manually connecting the MIDI keyboard to the track you want.

Let me know if I can help, I've been using Ardour and Linux to make music for a few years now, and even though the initial setup is hard it works fine after.

@beto A small M-AUDIO midi keyboard. I can run ardour without jack but can't get midi to go through without jack. I guess it sounds dumb and I need to read more manuals, but I can't get my midi in to make sound come out of my headphones. I'm not at my desktop at home but may play around with it this evening. I will definitely let you know if I have questions.
I tried using ardour on solus but it was too much work so I tried ubuntu studio out. What distro do you use with ardour?


I use Arch Linux, but not sure if I'd recommend it — it will add another layer of problems. 😕

In Ardour, if you create a MIDI track and connect the keyboard to it, you should see it light up when you press keys. Add a soft synth to the track and the sound meters should also light up.

@beto So I can get to that step pretty easily, I hit keys and the little meters pop up. But getting the sound out my headphones and speakers is difficult. I may give up on my jack/ubuntu studio effort and just use alsa with my main solus OS. The weird thing is that sound output works just fine every where else but ardour (or other DAWs). I've tried many different qjackctl configs to get ardour to output sound.

@beto I am definitely not up for the challenge that arch poses at the moment.

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