Does anyone have an #idea on how to stop #scrolling as soon as a #key is pressed? :think_bread:
Let's say I'm on a website, scroll down (2-finger-#swipe on #touchpad) , and while scrolling I close/switch the #tab (both include pressing #ctrl). But as it's still scrolling -> in conjunction with scrolling the browser decided to zoom - at the current tab, as well as on the next tab...

This happens sufficiently often, to make me insane! :angry_trump:
Thus, I'm desperately looking for help :batman:

#btw it's not an option to disable the #touchpad while typing, as I sometimes actually need to #zoom...

So, pressing #ctrl should stop scrolling, but should still allow for #scrolling as long as it's pressed (and probably stop again, when the #key is #released)...

Mmm, maybe activate proper touchpad gestures, like 2-finger pinch zoom?

Mmh, that would just get me yet another way to #zoom..
The browser would still zoom in #ctrl+#scroll, wouldn't it? 🤔

Ah, yes. I think I misjudged your problem. You want ctrl+scroll to not zoom in the browser? How about custom keyboard hooks on system level? (Now I'm getting ridiculous - I know ;P)




I know that in Firefox you can disable ctrl+scroll=zoom, I did that because it drives me insane and I use ctrl a lot to open new tabs.

#thanks for the hint! just disabled it by setting #mousewheel.with_control.action to 0 in #about:config :verified:
(0 means "Do nothing", 1 means "Scroll contents", 2 means "Go back or forward in the history", 3 means "Zoom in or out the contents")

This should do the trick for me, as I somehow only experience this problem in #firefox..!? :firefox:


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