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We created a new writing prompt for anyone to participate, no sign-up required — just write about what you've been up to! Accepted submissions will be showcased over on our writing community @readwriteas.

Thinking about installing OpenBSD on an old laptop, and using it for email/blog/Mastodon.

Any nice CLI Mastodon clients?

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Nannou - An open-source creative-coding framework for Rust

"Nannou aims to give equal priority to a full suite of creative I/O including graphics, multi-windowing, audio, lasers, lighting and more."

#rust #audio #graphics

My favorite piece of code is a function that takes no arguments, returns nothing, and has no side effects

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In February 2019 I rented a house and invited a bunch of musicians to spend the weekend making music together. This music video was made on the first day.

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