Do not change your password today. Instead, get yourself a password manager. Can be free, can be paid. Generate different random passwords for each of your accounts.

Do yourself a favor and make this one of your New Year's resolution.


My new year resolution is 2048x1152 😁

Jokes aside, I dont use a password manager, since I once lost my very first pasword database when I was formating some disks, a while ago.

I have now more than a hundred passwords I think, and are not stored anywhere. I don't use a password manager, I use 'lesspass', it's a password generator.

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@beta haha nice one.

- That really sucks. But that's not the error of the password manager though. One bad experience doesn't mean the concept should be avoided.

- Lesspass should be avoided though. Just as secure as a single password, just a little more complicated to guess. Once your password is brute-forced, it's all open. The only secure password is a truly random one.

is it not the same as a password manager? I mean they brute-forced your single password and it's all open.

Beside, with lesspass they have to figureout the password as you say (good luck trying to brute force my 32 lenght signle password), but also the site, and the mail, and the length of my passwords and the special characters options, .

Are you sure you know how lesspass works?

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