Today's post: Working from home

Why I love working from home, some adjustments needed and tricks that worked for me.

This is day 13 of my

@benoitj I'm a huge fan of working from home. I do have young children around, which does complicate things significantly. I love the extra time with them, but it can be awkward when you're in the middle of a big meeting about an server upgrade and your 4yo runs into the room and yells, "I pooped!!" All in all, I'd work from home forever if they let me, but it's more difficult right now because of the extra company.


yeah, I see that once in a while with my colleagues The "when are you going to be done", "I am hungry"... or just kids in the background. I find it funny. Mine are at high school, so easier (or more difficult for different reasons :P)

I don't think there are valid reasons to force the return to the office. I've been talking with our management and advocating that freedom of choice is beneficial to both parties. Will see if I succeed :D

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