Some made me realize I haven't posted one myself :P

My name is Benoit, I'm from Montreal, I code since I'm 8, and now get paid to do it. My free time is busy with family, landscaping, , video games, managing my servers. I started getting exposed to FOSS when I installed on many floppies in 97 :P

I also joined the blogging and quite like it.

btw, is great!

Hi, can’t open your blog. Sure it’s working?

@humbug yeah,

Made the mistake to post from my phone and did not see the auto correction :)

@benoitj welcome to the community. I'm very sure you have a safe space here and you have a lot to share, and we a lot to learn from you. Thanks for joining and

@benoitj chezmoi looks cool. Thanks for your blog post about it!

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