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Fells right to help build this community

Life was busy for the last 2 weeks, but finally had time to finish this post. This is day 10 of my . Never thought I would make it this far :)

New post on using , branching strategy, and mergetools to patch st/dmenu


Hope you learn something!

For users of , doing backups using snapshots and and both have made my local/remote backup process so simpler.

Regular snapshot on active datasets, and a nightly remote replication task to sync to my remote freenas server at my parents house.

Laptop backup done...

ready to learn

Feels like it will be painful and fun :P

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It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch today!


solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

Any email service to gmail that supports labels and IMAP?

I want to sync my labels, but can only find notmuch-gmail-sync.

For many reasons, I'm not using gmail and prefer not to...

New blog post, resolving merge conflicts using merge tools. This is part 2 of resolving conflicts using .


This is day 9 of my

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Which messaging app is most secure?


Do you know of others; what do you use?

Some made me realize I haven't posted one myself :P

My name is Benoit, I'm from Montreal, I code since I'm 8, and now get paid to do it. My free time is busy with family, landscaping, , video games, managing my servers. I started getting exposed to FOSS when I installed on many floppies in 97 :P

I also joined the blogging and quite like it. blog.benoit.ca

btw, is great!

For folks interested to create a blog using and -hugo, I also host my blog on gh here: github.com/benoitj/blog.benoit

Weekend has been a good time to write stuff :P

A shorter serie around , applying patches and resolving merge conflicts

This first post: definitions, and patching: blog.benoitj.ca/2020-06-21-git

This is day 8 of my

Part5 of my posts on running Linux desktop in windows as a environment using and

This time, managing dotfiles and provisioning using chezmoi.


This is day 7 of my

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Part4 of my posts on running Linux desktop in windows as a environment using and

In this post, I'm enabling autologin on light DM and automating this setup with shell scripts.


This is day 6 of my

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Yet another reason to not use systemd...

Don't fallback to Google NTP and DNS. · Issue #12499 · systemd/systemd · GitHub

Been busy reorganizing my home lab today. Here is the result after one evening.

Still sore work left, but much less messy

Time for part2 of running Linux desktop in windows as a environment using and


Is this of any use to you? How would you improve the setup?

This is day 4 of my

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What if we switched to gentoo, haha kidding

Unless... 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

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