@lfs Alpine Linux! It’s well maintained supports a bunch of platforms and has tons of packages. You have to do some work to customize it, but it’s worth it for a lightweight distro. Much easier than tiny core to me.

@rune @blueberry I tend to agree with rune - you should own your contribution and not have to sign over rights.

I realized today I regularly use three monitors for work. That’s insane- two should be enough, right? I realized this while considering replacing my third 17" for a 40" so I could mount it behind my two 24"s to see it better. Have I just filled the work to fit the space, or is it really needed?!

@lxzio Not sure I have a good one. Finance is about fundamentals, what I find interesting is how people apply them.

@dani @devinprater @verzulli

It's really about the right tool for the job. I've used Python but C# scripting feels more natural and is almost as productive on Windows (at work). It's also supported by our IT.

My personal favorite is Lua but eventually that gets ported to something else. I've done batch files to Java depending on the goal. VBA is a staple in my field. I've done hot-key scripts is AutoIt to visual automation with commercial software.

@joeligj12 my favorite to give out is 4111 1111 1111 1111. It’s used in a lot of tests! 😆

Hello, world! I joined a year ago to get a sense of the community and really enjoy it, so it’s about time I introduced myself.

I’m a finance professional, like the open source philosophy and enjoy hobbiest programming.

I write tons of automation scripts/macros, but fear having to maintain them beyond my own use so I haven’t released much. I do however enjoy teaching people how to build their own.

Happy to be here! If you want to know something more just ask!


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