What’s the experience using an external keyboard with a laptop? It would be at a desk, but it still feels like the setup might not be ideal.

Sounds like the consensus is that it works, but ideally is used with an external monitor. Since that isn’t really an option right now with me doing so much traveling, I’ll probably persevere anyway and set my font size larger while using it.

@benjaminhollon Depends on the configuration I suppose. In the past I've used a docked laptop basically the same as a desktop unit with an attached keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Worked fine. I've also used a laptop open with external keyboard and mouse. It's not an ideal use of space, but it lets me use my laptop with a decent hardware keyboard instead of the mushy garbage one that the laptop had. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of touchpads instead of mice.

@benjaminhollon Cumbersome, mainly because the keyboard on the laptop forces you to push the laptop further away and if you have vision problems like me, it makes it very, very tiny.

But, if I need to write a couple ten thousand words, it's the only way to do it without pain.

That's one reason I'm always looking for a "full layout" keyboard, even a TKL if I had to.

@benjaminhollon Having a good docking station where you can hook up a full-sized monitor and keybaord and keep the laptop closed, however, is a good experience. That's how two of my stations are set up. Cherry Brown mechanical keyboards, 34" ultrawide attached to a Dell docking station.

@dmoonfire That’s what is like eventually, but right now I’m doing a lot of traveling so a full sized monitor really isn’t an option.

@dmoonfire Ha, I don't mind much since it's not like I've known much better. I'm getting to see all my extended family, so it's worth it. :)

@dmoonfire Yeah, I’m planning to do a lot of writing, so I maybe a keyboard and just set the font size larger in my novel editor or eventually get a portable external monitor to use. Thanks!

@benjaminhollon I had a monitor and keyboard/mouse to my laptop. Plus I have a support that makes the laptop almost vertical and that becomes a comfortable second screen

@benjaminhollon i used to do this with my eeepc in my office a lot

never had a problem, it's just like plugging a keyboard into any other computer

@benjaminhollon ...come to think of it i did this with my old big laptop all the time once i had the eee and the laptop stopped leaving the house

yeah, never was a problem

@benjaminhollon I use one via a dock, I just plug in a single USB c connection and all my stuff connects. highly recommend!

@benjaminhollon my partner does this without an external screen. She's got a little (which looks like the attached) to give it some height

she has maybe a 13-14" laptop, if that counts for anything

@smcn Oh, that's handy! That would probably great with the Framework I'm getting soon; with my current laptop, the screen hinge is broken and I have to prop it up with a bookend. :)

@smcn @benjaminhollon I have this exact stand. I connect my laptop to an external monitor, mechanical keyboard, and mouse. It’s a decent stand, but it is a bit Difficult to move while in use (moving the laptop closer etc). It’s also not very good for smaller laptops. I have a 13” MacBook Pro and works great because he screen is hinged inside the base of the laptop, but my Asus Zephyrs G14 isn’t and the stand pushes uncomfortably on the base of the monitor.

@asteroidrainfall @smcn @benjaminhollon I use our standard laptop shelf at work (3 reams of paper). I do use external monitors as well and the "shelf" puts the laptop screen up close to the height of the other monitors. There is an external keyboard and mouse of course, would have trouble working all day on the laptop ones and it's great having them separately positioned from the monitor.

@smcn @benjaminhollon this was my setup for ages at my last job with an external keyboard and trackball. Works really well. And better on your neck after many hours huddled over a laptop when paired with a more ergonomic (or better yet split) keyboard

@benjaminhollon I use a laptop as my daily driver - keyboard, mouse, a tv for a monitor (roku 55 inch), and have it all plugged in to a laptop, which I mounted to the back of the TV (since it doesn't need to be seen daily)

@maff1989 🌸 You have given 5 Lotus #XPI to

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Absolutely mandatory, but I'm biased because I'm a mechanical keyboard fan.
I always have my own mech keyboard also in office. Unfortunately it's a PITA doing back and forth (lot of work from home these days), but still can't work with a laptop keyboard after 25 years with an IBM Model M. 😉

@benjaminhollon I'd recommend a light and foldable laptop stand like this one. Been using it for years.

@benjaminhollon you've got laptop docks where you can almost place your laptop vertical. But even with a normal stand I think it works pretty well ✌️😎

@benjaminhollon @mike This really depends on your setup. At my desk, my laptop is actually on a riser, to bring the display in line with my eyeline. Having an external keyboard then lets me type with my arms at a comfortable location. For me, it's about ergonomics. I don't want my neck to hurt after a day's work.

@benjaminhollon I'm using an external mouse and keyboard to my laptop right now. It's no different from doing it to a desktop... as long as the lid is closed so I don't instinctively reach for the builtin keyboard >_>

@benjaminhollon you just tear off the screen and put it vertically, boom, a PC from wish

@benjaminhollon works nice with 2 in 1 laptops. Rotate 270^ from closed and place on your desk 😎 (I can no longer do this, sigh)

@daniel I can see that

I’m getting a framework laptop, though. :)

I’m considering getting one of those portable monitors.

@benjaminhollon That depends on the person. Me personally, can't imagine using anything but a proper mechanical keyboard. When I have used laptops in the past, I just placed it on top of the laptop. It's probably not ideal from an ergonomic standpoint though, but I haven't used them enough for it to be an issue.

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