Alright, the overwhelming positive response has convinced me of my summer project: "tty1", a blog chronicling my journey toward using the terminal only for my computing experience.

It'll likely be mostly a series of articles showing my CLI replacements for different apps, with a *possible* finale where I go a week with only the distro I've customized over the course of the articles.

I'm gonna start by coding the site from the terminal; follow me to get updates. :)

Boosts welcome! 😄

I'm currently planning for the base of this project to be void linux; that way, I have an extremely minimal and performant base to build off of.

@benjaminhollon @thmslld I use Void Linux for 5 years now. Started a blog, but not writing anymore. Should totally start again.

@Anachron @thmslld Absolutely! Blogging has been one of the most beneficial hobbies I've taken up.

If you do, be sure to share the RSS feed with me. :)

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