I'm seeing a bunch of blog posts recently about imposter syndrome, and I'm loving them all. Keep it up! Maybe eventually I'll throw one in.

I was planning to include some imposter syndrome in the play I wrote about supervillains, but it didn't make it (though it does approach the topic). Perhaps if I turn the plot into a book later.

I should not have to accept your privacy policy to *unsubscribe* from a mailing list I never signed up for.

Please fill out this short feedback poll; we take your feedback very seriously.

Alright FOSS world, what's everyones opinion of Purism and their Librem laptops? I deeply feel the pain of finding some middle ground in deciding on a new laptop that is not completely locked down, but in current year it seems difficult. Sticking with old hardware is not the route I want to take. Just curious what others opinions are of something like the Librem 14. Input is appreciated.

Since I got a lot of pics last night in close succession, but they were slightly distorted by the atmosphere, I'm going to try using AutoStakkert, a Windows program that works through wine, to try to combine them for more detail.

A quick edit in GIMP on one of the photos I took tonight to enhance details and remove some of the glare.

Taken with an iPhone 6, held up to the lens of a Celestron 80EQ telescope.

A great end to a great day.

Some shots from tonight, in their unedited (yet) glory.

Edited pics are definitely to come, but I have 45 images to sort through and select from.

( @edgren )

You can select multiples if you like more than one.

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The moon is out, but the weather is a little hazy.

I'm hoping it clears up soon so that I can get a picture.

We had our dress rehearsal for the play I wrote today.

If you'd seen it, you would now be terrified by this emoji combination:

⏰ 🦞

I offer no explanations at this time.

I love my current website design so much, but I kind of want to see if I can one-up it.

Is there any way to make the tty font size larger?

I'm on Fedora.

My English teacher's going to let me try out his Framework laptop tomorrow.

I am so excited right now.

I'm seeding the torrent for the Fedora 35 Workstation installer as a limited way I can help the project while I'm so busy.

You can access Fedora torrents here: torrent.fedoraproject.org/

Fedora 36 is successfully reinstalled and all my files are restored.

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I have multiple backups so I think I’ll just reinstall.

Annoying, though.

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