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Here’s the deal: if you have RSS on your personal blog and reply with the link, I’ll follow you.

I also promise to read at least a few of your articles. :)

I have a concept for a low-restriction open source license (it's actually unenforceable by design); how would y'all recommend approaching an effort to write a good draft and get it reviewed?

My expectation for the end use case is that projects would be licensed under a standard, more restrictive license *or* this, at the choice of the derivative work's author, to avoid breaking normal license compatibility.


Wordle 213 6/6



Wordle 212 4/6


I think Rust may become my new go-to language for non-web projects. I'm very impressed with how well-thought out it is.

We teach digital litracy in schools but not digital security or ethical computing.

What's one computer lesson you would want taught to kids?


Just started learning Rust!

I don't know why it pleases me so much that variables are immutable by default.

A poem inspired by the Ubuntu 22.04 codename:

Jammy, Jammy, he's the jelly
Who'll turn off the awful telly
Then our fearless jellyfish
Will cook a tasteful gourmet dish

Has Microsoft made a single product that you enjoy using?

Just remembered about a thing I used to do where I'd send spammers professional-looking emails from an email address on my domain about grants from "The Spam Foundation"

Oddly, I never got any responses. (I wonder why?)

Wait; if :) is a smiley face, :{ is a guy with a mustache.

...and :} is Salvador Dali.

Here's an intriguing fact: though Google Chrome is the dominant web browser, with 63.84% of the global market share, most devices don't have it preinstalled.

This means a large majority of web users intentionally go out of their way to download Google Chrome rather than use the default browser handed to them by their Operating Systems.

My question, then, is this: why Chrome?

This is 3/100 of my series on how to use tech responsibly and for

??? What? I saw other people posting their stuff so I decided to try it out...

Somehow I got it on the first try???

So in all my research so far I haven't found this, and I feel like it should exist...

Is there a feed reader as a tray icon? Right now I'm looking for a mac os implementation to introduce my parents to (pretty sure that's the only way they'd actually use it), but I'd love a similar GNOME shell extension for my own use too...

I've always found this kind of stupid. Why do people put so much importance on whether you have an iPhone or a blue bubble or not? I can see preferring one over the other, but I find it ridiculous that people actually choose to base their relationships around it and assign some sort of social status to it.

Programmer /prō-ˌgra-mər/

(noun) A red-eyed, mumbling mammal that turns coffee into code.

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