If you want to learn more about #opensource licenses, what they allow you to do and the various differences, I just made a nice recap covering the biggest ones, and licenses that don't apply to code specifically, check it out:



I just finished the last day of classes of High School. Graduation is next Wednesday.

My next few blog posts will be tributes to some of the teachers who’ve had the most impact on me. Attached are pictures of me with one of said teachers.

Has anyone successfully set up Joplin to sync to WebDAV? I haven't been able to get it to finish syncing even with the server on localhost.

I keep loading my Framework order summary in the desperate hope that the "Ships August" will change for the better. 😄

Do you have full-disk encryption enabled on your computer?

You know what I'd like to see? An entire Fedi instance dedicated to NaNoWriMo. That would be loads of fun when November rolls around.

Does anyone know of anything like that or should I get to work figuring out how to self-host? 😅

On OpenSUSE, gnome-tweaks is a dependency of GNOME shell.

Trying to remove it from GNOME software removes gnome-shell.

Just finished writing the foreword to my school's literary magazine.

I've been the layout editor (and a normal editor) for every issue through now, and now I'm graduating. I'm glad I get to write the foreword to my final issue. I'm rather proud of the result.

(Sorry it's only here as a screenshot; that seemed the quickest way to share it; I posted a link to a text-only version in a reply.)

For people interested, I'm giving Bookwyrm a series try. You can follow me at @benjamin

When will I get a new phone instead of my ancient double-handed-down iPhone 6?

Probably when the iOS version stops supporting Joplin, to be honest. 😄

My (cheap plastic) headphones broke and everything sounds comparatively terrible through these earbuds.

Is Bookwyrm.social down? I just decided to give it another shot and am getting a 504 error.

Out of interest how many folk self host their git :git: repo rather than use regular platforms such as GitHub or SourceHut for example ? IF you do what are you using ?
Please boost for a larger reach TIA

Now that I think about it, VLC for iOS recently got some major improvements and is now pretty great.

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What apps have you seen the most obvious improvement over time for?

For me, novelWriter, Pika Backup, and Musescore are prime examples.

@benjaminhollon you can also set custom key composition with ~/.XCompose file

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