I was walking my dog yesterday when I encountered this guy. Nope, not a snake. Its a slowworm!


I just received the final printed book from the CRPG book project! Fine print quality too by Bitmap Books 👍

📖 ISBN: 978-1-9993533-0-8


#multitool geek out 

My Leatherman Signal finally arrived! We basically live in the middle of the woods so I suspect this will come quite in handy.

I've been using from for years. Just experienced a true mind blown moment when I was cursing at the small spacebar and tried to stretch it instinctively.

It does that!? Wow!

Finally got the Babylon 5 full collection. I think VHS was still a thing when I last watched the series. Only problem is that we no longer have any DVD players in the house.

I need to rip and encode these to something that I can stream2chromecast. Handbreak seems easy enough frontend for the job. Last time I touched an encoder Xvid was the best thing. Seems H.264 is a good choice now and maybe AC3 passthrough for audio? Does Chromecast even support AC3?


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