Has anyone written a comparison of different server software? Which is the best one? Why?

I'd like something stable to server my static pages and maybe hook it up with fail2ban, since I'm seeing some network scanning and would like to block those in iptables.

@beerw0lf For static page and no vhosts, agate would be my favorite choice. It's simple and it "just works".

If someday you need cgi scripts, vhosts, proxy and other things gemserv and molly-brown are pretty solid.

@Laerte @beerw0lf

The Unsinkable Molly Brown isn’t a good choice for CGI scripts since they get access to the cert’s private key.

@Laerte @beerw0lf As in, the scripts do—not necessarily the script’s callers, if the scripts are bug free and honest.

@Sandra @beerw0lf Oh indeed, that's a good catch. I should not be so quick to advice using it then.

@Laerte @beerw0lf I mean it’s a good server, just with some caveats for CGI

@Sandra @Laerte I've tried Agate a bit. It even got IP logging options recently, but seems to crash randomly when thats enabled. Maybe I'll give Molly a spin soon.

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